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Would This Be a Good First Cycle?


hello! Would this be good first cycle?
Weeks 1-10 500mg/week

0.25mg EOD


Weeks 12-13 20mg/day
Weeks 14-15 10mg/day

Weeks 12-13 100mg/day
Weeks 14-15 50mg/day

Proviron 50mg/day (10days)?

What to Take on PCT?

Sustanon is more difficult to maintain steady t levels than test e or c. Plus the deconate ester has the half life of 14 days which pushes pact the pct start time double that of test e and c. You may have to adjust your ai during your cycle. And you don’t need the proviron. Pct can be nolvadex 20 mg for 6 weeks. You can taper down to 5 mg as well. Also taper your arimidex down through your pct.


So do i use armidiex during cycle or on PCT? And what should i use during pct? Sorry i am amateur but i want that my cycle is safe and so on. :slight_smile:


Ksman has some post about running your ai through pct in order to keep t from converting to e in your testicals. Run your ai from start to finish. You will have to taper it down through your pct. Some guys wait until they have high e2 symptomsto use an ai but it is not worth the risk of getting gyno.


Also look into using hcg, and pin the test twice a week.


So i use nolva, arimidex and hcg on pct?


There are two schools of thought on the hcg. I think the more effective method is to hcg during the cycle. 250iu e3d. Stop One week before you start pct. For the test e or c to get low enough to start recovery you are going to need to wait 28 days before you start pct. You can run test prop for two of those weeks to cut down the wait time. The wait time after test prop is about 2 weeks ± then start nolvadex 20mg a day for 6 weeks tapering down at the end. Run the ai until the end of pct also tapering down through out your pct.


so do i need clomid or just nolva arimidex and hcg? and what would you recommend for first cycle? Is sustanon good or should i go for Enanthate? :stuck_out_tongue:


Use test e. Clomid can have harsher side effects for some. Use amiridex hcg and nolvadex.


so i dont need proviron ?


No you do not need to add that to your first cycle.


Ok, could you please make me cycle plan from start to finish it would be really helpful


youve gotta be kidding.


Dude take the first post you made and change or fill in the info we talked about then you have your first cycle.


I chaged my mind and i will use test e for my cycle. Does this looks good?

wk1-8(or10):500mg test-e
wk1-8: arimidex .25mg eod
wk9-10: off
Wk11-12 Nolva 40mg/d
Wk13-14 Nolva 20mg/d

Final question so is hcg really needed


hcg is not necessary.


No it is not. I have honestly only used it but once and it was just a waste a money in my opinion. It may help recovery but, I never saw a difference.