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Would This Be a Compound lift?


I have been focusing on compound lifts lately and I randomly made up a lift and I was wondering if it was considered a compound lift?

Here's how it goes....

-With a dumbbell, do a standard bicep curl.
-As soon as you have lowered the dumbbell to complete 1 rep, you turn your palms around to face the wall behind you, and you lift to do an upright row.
-Repeat again.....

So, its a bicep curl followed by an upright row, and that combination is 1 rep.

Is this a good compound lift?

I just randomly made it up, but i'm pretty sure others have tried it, or this move already exists, and im just ignorant to it, lol.

So, what do you think? Is this a compound move? If so, is it any good?


The question is why would you do that? At worst do biceps curl THEN upright row or superset them.


But this lift really helps develop your inner flactoid muscle.




no..2 isolation exercises do not equal a compound movement..


Technically an upright row is a compound movement since it requires more than one muscle group/joint to perform. Who the hell cares if it's a compound movement though? It sucks. High rate of injury.

And combining 2 separate movements does not make it one compound movement, as pointed out above.


Its sounds like one of those moves you find in mens health where they do squat to press and that shit.

Kinda pointless though tbh


The real question is why you are "focusing on compound movements". And then take that nonsensical plan to the extreme by trying to invent new compound movments just for the sake of it (for no practical reason).


^ U got it wrong dude its all about kickbacks and curls. Anyone who tells you different is wrung!



I invented a compound movement, too. I tape 30-pound dumbbells to both ankles and both forearms, then swing my arms and legs around for as long as I can. It's a really explosive fast-twitch movement for Type II B myofibrillar hypertrophy.


Especially if you curl on a bosu ball in the squat rack balancing on one leg while doing kickbacks with the other arm. Only for the hardcorest.


No, dude. Just.... no.


Really? You don't say!!


was gonna ask what a flactoid was but thought it was the op.


This is a beginners forum so we need to cut you some slack. you could call it a complex. two or more exercises done w/out putting down the weight. it's not a good one though. start reading articles on this site and you'll learn alot.


First of all, thank you for making me laugh!

There is no point whatsoever in dividing exercises into compound or isolation.

Bench presses (incline, flat, barbell, dumbbell)
Military presses (barbell, dumbbell, standing or seated)
Rows (barbell or dumbbell)
are some actual compound exercises that you would do well to focus on. And by focus I mean double your strength.

Other great exercises: curls, leg curls, tricep extensions, lateral raises and a lot more.


I'm the only one who is fucking SAD when people ask about dumb shit like that?


Beginners forum. Be nice.