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Would Reverse Curls Be Enough?

Due to time constraints I don’t feel like working my wrists (perhaps levering a sledgehammer). I work on the planche and train on CoC grippers, and sometimes pull-ups (this the most that I use my grip for). Would rev biceps curls be enough to prevent wrist problems? Or rev biceps curls and+sledge?
Thanks, Vlad

What do you mean by wrist problems. Do you mean having strong wrists, or injury prevention?

If you mean having a strong grip, and strong wrists, then do deadlifts without straps, reverse curls, and some form of hammer rotation work.

Theres a ton of articles on this though, use the search for grip or forearms.

Yeah… if it’s wrist/grip strength you’re looking for alone, just do something like plate pinches or try holding 150 lb dumbbells for as long as you can. Reverse curls, for me anyway, are more for brachialis and brachioradialis.

If you simply don’t want to let your wrists go slack, just don’t use straps on any exercise, and they will continue to improve and meet the increasing demands placed on them. The reason that people use straps is because their wrists are the limiting factor (the weak point) in a lot of their heavy lifts.

But, for now, you might not need to be aware of that. At the least, it will allow for your wrists to build as the need for them arises.

Thanks, but I was asking if they would be enough as extensor work (I read that not traininng the extensors leads to injury, elbow problems, carpal tunnel syndrome (not sure) etc., so, injury prevention, to compensate for the work my flexors get). Considering I don’t do wrist flexion exercises either nor normal curls.

I’d say they are fine, wrist rollers are fun to do as well. For the most part what was recommended so far is for your wrist flexors, the extensors are usually pretty under worked.