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Would PL Be Better with Less Divisions and Weight Classes?


I know this gives the opportunity to win something, but It is not rare that youll find yourself with only 3 other guys in your division/weight class.
I mean open, sub master, master 1-9, sub junior, t1, t2, t3, every 5-10kgs a separate weight class.
Can we all Just have
Lightweight(40kg-70kg), middleweight(70kg-90kg), heavyweight(90kg-120kg), superheavyweight(120+)?
That would be more competitive and easier


Make your own federation and you can do just that.

Or go compete in strongman.


Well it all depends on federation. The meets I have done were all local feds and it was either open or geared. The standard weight classes are fine 165,181,198,220 etc.

Boxing on the other hand would be better without all the bullshit new weight classes.


No, the difference in PL between weight classes is pretty big in terms of what a competitive total is. For example, an 1100 lbs total at 165 is respectable (but nothing special) but at 198 is pretty much nothing. Even at 181 it isn’t much.


Everyone wants to take home an award, which for general competitions is fine to have all those weight classes and divisions. It helps keeps lifters competing in those feds.

I’d still like to see a “Super Bowl” sort of raw meet with no weight classes, 2 hr weigh ins and the top 5 pound for pound lifters are crowned. It takes all the BS out of it. No Wilks and such, just who is strongest pound for pound regardless of weight lifted. Generally the advantage would be to the lighter lifters, but its not their fault they aren’t a fat slob…:wink:

I’m only kidding. I’d crown the top 5 for most weight totaled also regardless of bodyweight.


That would be great man…


How many meets have you done?


X2 compete in strongman instead.


@osu122975 check out ProRaw and ProRaw Big Dogs.


I do agree too much participation type awards given out. The meets I go to have tons of trophies. I could go military but always choose open to compete in the largest group. Even tell some buddies to go sleeves to put on a bit of a show since we were fairly close a year ago.


The people at the lower end, or even the middle of the weight class would be too disadvantaged against those at the top. Looking at the IPF raw records, Krzysztof Wierzbicki has both the 93 and 105kg total records but even his 105 record is still almost 200lbs. behind Dennis Cornelius at 120kg. He just recently bulked up to the 105 class (bw 99.8 when he set that record) and now he would have to gain another 20kg to be competitive. Unless you can win by wilks instead of total, the odds would be too heavily stacked against everyone who isn’t at the top of the weight class. Only Sergey Fedosienko stands a chance.

I think that your issue is with smaller meets that only have a few people in a particular category. Winning those kind of meets really doesn’t mean anything anyway.