Would Nolvadex Keep My Fertility without HCG?

here HCG only 5000ui can’t find anyone selling empty viles . i saw @KSman wrote 20mg ED should be enough i’m 22 years old , so would be efficient ?

What is your current protocol? Hcg won’t prevent you from being shut down. Hcg mimics leutenizing hormone which is a hormone that tells your testicles to maintain their size via leydig cell regeneration and synthesis. It’s certainly better than nothing, but fertility isn’t just about LH, but FSH, follicle stimulating hormone as well and hcg does nothing regarding fsh.

Nolvadex is likely slightly better in whole because it blocks estrogen, specifically in the pituitary and hypothalamus (as well as breast tissue cells which is why so many use it in gyno prevention) convincing your brain to pump out LH and FSH themselves. 20 mg per day of nolvadex should do the trick unless you’ve been shut down for an extended period of time.

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@Hostile , actully this is my third week . 250mgs every 2 weeks test E . with no Ai or HCG
after alot of reading i decided to do 200mgs a week with 1 mg armdiex split in 2 doses , and will add 20 ms of nolvadex then i’m good to go i spouse . it was really hard for me , and i thought that was just my screwed up mind , to finally have an actual life is something i never thought i would half . one last questions can i leave the test in the srynge if i want to split the dose , the test E which i get 250mg per 1 ml and one amp . thank you very much for the article and your reply much appreciated

Yes that’s fine. Your T dose is likely higher than it needs to be as a testosterone replacement, but should be confirmed via bloodwork.

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i’m 22 5.8ft 107 kg . i honestly want to have the super high end cosdering my age and my wight ,i’m skinny fat no mass at all with a lot of fat . thanks a lot i’m ready to go then :slight_smile:

With some, “super high” isn’t productive or pleasant because the rest of your systems may not be able to keep up.

how ? i thought the only problem would be E2 levels . and it will be only for 12 weeks then to normal just get a jump start