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Would No Sign of Gyno Indicate Crap Gear?

I’ve done a handful of cycles over the last few years and always get gyno itchy left tip that will become painful unless I take an AI like tamoxifen, i usually only take it when I can sense the gyno so usually a tab every 2/3 days,

The latest cycle I’ve doing is with a new phama can’t find much info online about it I get no gyno what’s so ever witch I find strange, don’t get that vascular either and strength feels ok but not great
2.5ml test250 1ml eq500 every 4 days

Also my mrs is a bikini girl started a cycle of anavar off the same phama 2 weeks ago and she told me last night that she hasent felt anything off it 20mg a day
Last year she did same cycle of a different phama and said her arm pumps were Insane and felt a lot stronger…

Any one give me their opinion on this
Cheers :muscle:

7/4 = 1.75 so 2.5mls of test e4d = 250 x 2.5 x 1.75
1ml of EQ 500mg/ml = 500*1.75
For a total of
1093.75mgs of test weekly
875mg of EQ weekly
For a total of 1968.75mgs of gear/wk
Am I reading this correctly, are you a competitive bodybuilder or giant? It’s unlikely the average gym goer needs this much gear

Anyhow just because you don’t have gyno doesn’t mean Ur gear is bunk, that’s a really funny post. What did your previous cycles consist of. The only way to tell the legitimacy of your gear is to get bloods, and I don’t know if EQ will show up as test or not, depends how they do the testing. labmaxing the compound tells you the substance but not the purity

Ah see I was just looking at labmaxing but that seem pretty pointless if it doesn’t determine purity,

Last cycle was 2ml test 1.5ml tri tren all gentech stuff
Was really good cycle felt great all the time especially in the gym and strength through the roof

This stuff tho seems garbage i may get my bloods done again soon while on it and see what why test levels are to work out the actual strength of the product

Yea because if you have test, but it’s supposed to be 250mg/ml but it’s actually like… 25mg/ml that’d suck, and the only way to find out to my limited source of knowledge is bloods. There’s certain sites that people review different brands, UGL’s of gear. If you’ve got bad gear backed by bloods and you’re up to it may I suggest posting a bad review, it’ll prevent others from purchasing bad gear in the future, therefore you’ll be doing the bodybuilding community a good service

100% is get my bloods done soon and post the results :ok_hand: