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Would Love Some Guidance

I Not sure how to ask for this , but I’ll try.There are so many plans out there and I just don’t know where to start. I am bored of my current regiment. Push/pull then legs and abs 3-4 days a week. I’m going off memory from about 4 years ago when I stopped gym work and started cycling. Yah strong legs weak upper body haha. Lost about 20lbs…

Currently have about a month back at the gym and have gotten back about 70% of my original strength. I have a few workouts I used to follow from back in the day, but it’s been so long I don’t recall everything.

My goal is to get athletic fit . I will start cycling again and not to worried about focusing my gym work to support cycling.

  1. What’s a good plan to follow for a full body workout 3 days a week. Right now I just do push pull 3 x 10rm With about 30 second rest and 1-2 tbs.

  2. I do spend one day a week going harder on legs beyond the 3 days where I work on legs. Will stop when I start riding again.

  3. My diet is fine. No processed foods. I don’t eat tons of calories either. Breakfast am (oatmeal light meals) and dinner . Rarely fried, red meat processed or frozen.

Any guidance is great. Thanks fellas.

tactical barbell

yes. plenty of info on the net to get the entire gist of it.

3 days using 3 major lifts/can be modified for deadlifts(do deads 3 days or once a week). or the 4 day plan for those extra movements like curls and such. other days are cardio/strength endurance

thanks never saw this site come across my searches. Exactly what I was looking for!! Looking good I’ll dig around.

Good suggestion

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Current height , weight and age? Any pre existing injuries?

40 yrs old, 6”0, 175, no injuries. I was 165 about 1.5 months ago and gained 10 lbs over the last few weeks of gym work and no riding.

I was diagnosed with hypogadism (however it’s spelt). For the last two years I turned into a hermit and could not find the energy to do anything at all. I started TRT about 2 months ago. It’s slowly working. I finally have a bit more energy but nothing fantastic. Recovery is fantastic. I went super deep with my leg work yesterday and today I’m barely soar.

I think fat burning starts happening a few months in.

@enackers your term cycling, is going to be miss misinterpreted to recreational use of testosterone. I bet there are only two guys on this forum that ride a bicycle. You and me.
Next to riding jogging path or hiking trail seem to be the best for over all fitness muscles, heart and lungs. In my experience so far the gym only helps one bulk up specific muscles. I can’t say I have ever cracked a sweat on the benchpress or doing dumbell flies, haha

Haha damnit did not think about that… lolzzz

I sweat my ass off at the gym. I always keep heart rate up and do one set after another. Slow up, hold and drop slow.

Cycling is definitely better for the heart, but the body just withers away with the type of riding I do. 70-100 Saturday, and Sunday… then 100-150 a week.

Let’s see if I can even keep up with both when summer comes back.

You body adapts to what you are asking it to do. Long distance riding does not require 18" biceps, pecs that enter the room first. All the bicycle ever did for me was build up my legs. However they were strong but not bulky/muscular. Most long distance riders look like basketball players.

Me I don’t want that look anymore. For the last 3 years I have moved on to adding a bit of bulk.

Lol yup ! Ripped legs soft upper.