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Would Love Some Critique


Just did my first show. Have lots to work on but I am proud of my accomplishments! :slight_smile:


Hmmmm...I'm trying, but don't know if I can get pics any bigger :frowning:


I'm trying, but don't know if I can get the pics any bigger. :frowning:


Back shot


looking great


Looking great. That silhouette from the back especially. My girlfriend is training for her first figure show right now.. let's hope she looks half as good as you when she's done!



Pretty face+awesome body=win


Thank you so much for the input! I can't wait to do another show! I'm thinking about waiting until the spring so I can realistically put on some quality size. :slightly_smiling:


You guys are so sweet. It's such a confidence boost! :slight_smile: Now I am even more motivated!


10/10. keep it up.


Looking great. I would aim to add some size to your delts/arms in the off season and you will be the total package.


Wow you are beautiful. I wish i knew some people like you in real life lol. I admire you for taking the plunge and doing a show thats got too be nerve-racking.


Very pretty...And, fabulous conditioning, especially in your legs...They are very aesthetically pleasing to the eye...


sh205900--Your ratio (shoulder/waist/hip) is absolutely awesome! And your back....Whew! If I had to (and I mean absolutley had to) pick room for improvement...it'd be how your upper is so shredded compared to your lower, or vice versa, guess it depends on your overall goals. BUT please don't take that it a bad way! Cause your hard work is showing!! Keep it up!!

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That's what it's all about! Fit, toned but still absolutely feminine. Love it, 10 for sure!



CDQAR - Thanks so much for your response! I posted a reply a min. ago but I'm not sure where it went, lol. Anyway, since the comp. I've been hitting legs and glutes more! Ahhh, everyone has their problem areas and I struggle with bulking my upper body and shredding out the lower. I hear cycling is great for leaning out legs, but I'm trying to minimize my cardio right now.

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You're very welcome. I'm really very impressed with your physique, btw. I'm not a fan of "cardio" either. I do, however, believe in high reps, lower weight for cutting (kinda tricky with the legs though as they respond really well to that plan, as in they could get HUGE that way) and the mind-muscle connection (you know, the feeling the muscle squeeze and contract as one performs the movement) for development.

May GOD look over and keep her safe! Hope the sand fleas don't eat her! haha

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Very good overall proportions and conditioning. I would try to add to the front quad sweep though. The upper leg just looks on the narrow side in the profile shots, and a little more curve (even the ham as well) will just even out the overall leg development.