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Would Like Some Advice Please!

Hello, I am looking for some help if someone would like to lend some thoughts. I started working out a little over six months ago. I was a runner that was running just about everyday and hitting roughly 30 miles per week. I then switched over to weights as I got sick of the constant pain and well, it was kind of boring.

I am looking to find out if I am making decent progress in my new endeavor or if there is something going horribly wrong for me. I purchased the book “New Rules of Lifting” and started using those programs as I feel like they are very useful and the theorem seems to be accepted by the populous. I was making some good gains and getting stronger as I worked my way through the programs and eventually I bought “Starting Strength” which I’m sure most of you know about. I used the methods in there and used the routine from my other book.

As I continued to get stronger I became more excited about my new hobby but recently I’m finding that things are slowing down as far as weight gains. I am trying to consume around 4000 calories a day and my weight seems to have stapled at 165. My first question is is 15 lbs pretty low for 5 months of working out? When I go to the gym I try very hard as not to waste my time and I try my best to perfect my form and go slow as not to injure myself.

Even though my weight almost seems to have stopped going up, since I started my deadlift has gone up 155 lbs, my squat doubled, as has my bench and press. I am typically able to add 5 lbs onto every set of every exercise every week. So after all my rambling, I guess my question is why am I not getting heavier if I am able to add weight every week and I try very hard to eat as much “muscle chow” as I can?

Thank you in advance.

weight gains aren’t linear, you can’t always expect to add X amount a week. It comes in bursts.

You are making good progress and doing fine, just keep at it.

Good work, keep at it. RDS is right, gains comes in spurts, especially after newbie gains taper off. Weight training makes you stronger in a hurry at first, then gains start to come harder. That’s just the way it is. Work hard and keep the calories and protein up and the gains will come.

Also, if you want to pack mass and strength on faster, don’t be afraid of some blurry abs. If you are only putting on lean mass, that’s tough to do, and gains are going to come slower.

Ok, thanks guys. It’s good to know that I’m not doing something horribly wrong. Thanks again!

The scale does not says all. Maybe your waist line is going down and your losses are about even with your muscles gains. You probably read that an improvement in the neural connection is a factor of getting stronger(better fiber recruitement). All seems fine.
All the best !

[quote]rds63799 wrote:
It comes in bursts.

I need a burst