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Would Like Input on Letter to Doctor

I realize I am starting a new subject, but this is a little off topic. I would like some input if I am out of line sending this letter to my endo. Suggestions welcome. I don’t want to come across as a know it all or questioning his knowledge too much.

I was very disappointed in our visit yesterday. I feel that this could have be handled with a phone call since you didn’t know anything useful. I drove 1.5 hours for the appointment only to learn that you want me to go off of my hormones and retest in 3 weeks. Then I had the trip back.

The visit was a total wast of my time, your office time, and my money. In the future I would appreciate it if the lab work is not satisfactory to provide the information that you need that you or your nurse call me and we can make arrangement for further test. If a situation like this arises again, I will not be paying for that office visit.

I was sent to see you for issues not directly relating to my testosterone. I am willing to try to find out why my testosterone is low, but I would like to explore some of the other issues a little deeper. I was sent to you because of cortisol issues, which was brushed aside. Also, my thyroid is not ideal. I realize that I am not the expert, but I am not an idiot either.

Great, but drop the closing attitude, that will not get you anything.

not bad and if he doesn’t respond to the letter in any way or form, ask for a referral to another doc

as well as looking for a doctor. you are a paying customer. and if you are really unhappy complain to the

medical board in your area.

I think I would stop reading the letter in the second sentence when you told me I didn’t know anything useful…

it feels good to get things out of your system, but I would recommend against sending that letter. There is no good that can come of it. Doctors have friends and you never know when you may call on someone who has already heard about you (from your letter).

I can tell you one thing it was not us because we take 17 vials of blood to get data LOL. Chalk it up as a learning experience because endos are diabetic drs not hormone specialist.