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Would Like a Little Guidance


Hello I am currently working on trying to become more lean so that I can have my abs show better. But I am actually a bit lost in where to go with this but think I have been doing pretty good but not sure...Right now I weigh about 185 and have a body fat % of 9.5 and a BMI of 24. I have been keeping my calories count under 2000.

I do my ab workout everyday followed by some upper body, maybe some cardio followed by some basketball playing. I am also trying to put on a little more mass on my upperbody etc. I am currently on Amino Burst 3000, Swanon Multi-Vitamin, and have some Tetrazne Extreme and a water reductor on the way.

I guess I would like to know what else I could do like some helpful hints. Such as maybe a better eating plan or workout plan. Anything? Because I dont know how to diet down to show my 6-pack while also trying to put on muscle mass. Thank you for you help.


Well if your body fat percentage is 9.5 and you can't see your abs that means you don't have significant muscle mass or the reading was wrong.

2000 calories for a 185(I'm going to assume here correct me if I'm wrong) young male who weight trains is very low. I have no idea what in God's green earth a water reductor is, but is that what you need now or do you need to learn to train and diet properly?

Post up your actual workout plan, and what you actually ate yesterday to the best of your memory and people can give you specific recommendations.


its hard to give advice without specifics like Scott M said but some general tips are to up the cardio and keep doing the ab work, keep eating but make your choices lean protein, things like grilled chicken, egg whites and fish are all good.

as said before at 9% bf you should see your abs, they may not be fully defined but ur waist should be lean most ppl that have ripped abs are around 5-7% bf so you're not too far off. if you really cant see your abs maybe your bf calculation is inaccurate or like said before your abs lack muscle mass.


Oh i can see them when I flex them except for the bottom two abs which from what I understand are the hardest to get to show. I forgot to mention my age also. I am 20 years old and the exact things I ate yesterday were Egg

Van Camps Pork and Beans (1/2 cup)
Great Value Apple Juice (8oz/240 mL)
Apple (large)
Amino Burst 3000 (3 daily)
Swanon Multi-Vitamin (3 daily)
Sea Gold Smoked Oysters (1 cup) (100g) (for testosterone)
Chef's Requested Foods Filet of Beef (1pc)
Great Value Fruit and Gain bars (1)

I also have what I have eaten for the last week all in Microsoft Excel.

As for my workout plan I so 3 sets with 15 reps a piece and they are Floor/Ball crunches, Kneeling cable crunches, Ball Crunches, Floor Crunches, Roll up Crunches, Reverse Crunches, Butterfly crunches, Wide leg crunches, and some other that seem to have slipped my mind. All in all my routine for abs consists of nearly 25 different exercises with this new plan I have put myself on.

Then for upperbody I dont really have anything good set up. I usually do some curls with a weighted bar, dumbell curls, machine presses (technical names slips me) then I try to get about 20 minutes of bicycle cardio (dont like tredmills impact) then usually get about 1 hour of basketball playing in, usually intense.


I guess if someone could let me in on a good diet plan and a good upperbody workout plan that would be great because I believe the ab plan I am on is faily good. I got it from Maximum Fitness Issue #109 Pg. 42. Sorry I didnt put that in my last post but I kind of just remembered it now. Thank you for your help


I found this article very helpful. You may also.



Yes I have read that before and yes I found it helpful also, added some things to my shopping list :slightly_smiling: oh and sorry if it sounds like I just want free advice from people on this site without searching for my own stuff. Im not, but the more help I can get the better because all of this is a little overwhelming right now as far as dieting and upperbody workouts go because like I said before I believe I have a solid ab workout going.

Except it says workout on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays but I kinda do the workouts everyday thinking that if I do them each day I will see results faster. But the more I read on here the more Im not sure because I am getting a lot of mixed results about doing ab workouts everday.


i wouldnt suggest doing your full workout everyday add a little bit more to your upper body workout and split it up. you might wanna try something along these lines

monday: chest and back
tuesday: cardio
wednesday: arms
thursday: cardio
friday: off
saturday: cardio
sunday: repeat monday's workout

also how often do you play ball?, if you play moderate to high intensity for about an hour everyday and are not achieving the results you want i would suggest running on a track for 1-2 miles and incorporate that into your training. if you are truly looking to get cut up and get the 6-pack you have to lose some weight therefore you have to be burning more calories than you are consuming. you will lose some muscle mass in the process.

also, idk how you feel about fat burners they may increase your blood pressure and have some side effects but they do work and most people put disregard the side effects because it helps them reach their goals, but thats all up to you.


So workout those areas on those days and also my entire abs workout, correct? I play every night about really. With the fat burners, the tetrazene extreme that I have coming I am not really worried much about the side effects at all because I believe it will help me reach goal.


And you couldn't be more wrong here. If you want abs you need muscle and that won't come from high rep situps and leg raises or upper body only workouts. Learn to train your entire body and some information about diet from this site.

I couldn't disagree more with the advice DroppinPlates gave a minute ago, chest back and arms only? and extra cardio for someone who already plays basketball on a regular basis? Come on man.


Ok let's start over...

What is your ultimate goal with training, a certain look, certain weight, athletic performance? Not short term(like seeing bottom two abs) but long term? If the answer to that question is the bottom two abs you clicked on the wrong website I'm sorry.


Oh hell no I am not on this site just to see those two pesky bottom abs lol. I would like to get my body fat to 5-7% have a very defined six-pack are kinda something I am focusing on.

Along with something right up there is to have bigger arms because I dont think I have as big of arms as I would like to have right now along with bigger chest (pecks). are my goals as of right now and I know I have what it takes to get there with the right guidance.


How big are your arms currently and how big do you think they should be at your current weight?


Um I cannot measure them right now but I think the last time I measured them after a workout I was only at 14 inches. I would like to have 14 inches cold and maybe upper teens when warm.

Im not sure if that is reasonable for my weight but that is where I would like to be. Basically I want to diet down for my abdominals to show better but all the while put on upper body mass like my arms etc.


Good God, Scott, you were right.


Here's the problem. Assuming I don't suck horribly at math judging by your BMI, you should be about 6'1 185 correct?

If you want to have bigger arms and chest then stop being 185 lbs.


agreed gain some weight and ur arms will grow


[This was in response to droppinplates before he edited his post]

Did you see his diet? Do you really think more cardio is what's holding him back?

He says he does his "routine" everyday which would be approximately 80 minutes of cardio. That's more than most pre contest bodybuilders do.

If you see someone who trains biceps chest and abs and doing and hour and a half of cardio daily there should be some red flags going off that this is a new guy to training who doesn't have a clue(no offense meant guy, but the truth is the truth) what to do for himself yet.

We need a little more responsibility when it comes to who is posting what type of advice here or else the problems with this site(and all training sites) will become worse.


all i was saying is if he is playing basketball and not dropping his body fat to where he desires then the cardio may not be intense enough

i made the routine just to give some direction you could add legs in there but it might be detrimental to doing intense cardio just to achieve his goal of achieving within a 5-7% bf

sorry i offended u


You don't offend me I just don't think it's responsible advice to give to someone and I'm not going to stand by and let what I think is incorrect get passed on.