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Would Like a Critique of My Program


Goal- Lifting more weight On C&J, squats, deads, snatches, and Bench.

Current Maxes: C&J 160, BP 190, Fsquat 210, DL 320, BSquat Have not tested in a while but over 260
Bodyweight 150lbs. And my body responds well to low reps, high intensity and frequent squatting.

MONDAY Day 1 General Conditioning day
military press 8X3
Low Box squat 6X5
close grip bench press 8X3
cable abs----facepulls 6X12
Side raises--Bridges---rotator cuff

WEDNESDAY Day 2 Heavy back
weighted Pullup 10X3 -lat stretch
Deadlift 10X1
curls 8-12
Low Box squat 4X5

THURSDAY Day 3 Heavy Bench
Bench press 8X3
cable abbs ---facepulls 6X12
dumbell tricept extension lying down or french press 8 X 3
Side raises -rotator cuff --bridges

SATURDAY Day 4 back medium
Suitcase deadlifts
Weighted Pullup 5X6-lat stretch
front squat HEAVY 10 X 1
dumbell curls 6X8-12
bent knee good mornings 3-5X10


What kind of rest time are you taking?


You need some rows in there. You have to have some horizontal pulling. Biceps probably don't need worked twice a week if you're going to do pullups twice a week.


My rest time varies on exercises. I lift again when my heart beat starts to slow down. So about 2 minutes average. Up to 4 when doing max weight compounds. Some times I do a single every minute.

I have a problem including Rows in my program: My priority is Cleans/snatches. and I don't have the energy to do both a horizontal and a vertical puling in a workout. I figure that a clean is more similar to a Row than a chinup is so I do chins. Don't you think that cleans are a decent substitution for rows.