would it be wrong if.......

I was to pummel the people that constantly taunt me their food. Stupid bastards think its funny to make sure I am in their presence while they eat their fatty foods or find it necesarry to tell me about every meal they have just to raz me. And being on edge from cutting, somedays I would like to lash out just for some kicks! Is it wrong to wanna do this? :slight_smile:

Slaughter them like the pigs they are.

Show valor in battle and slay them with your vorpal sword. Make sure to get one of those 3d6, +5 enchanted ones.

If you wait 30 minutes after they are done eating they will slip into a carb induced fog and they are much easier to kill that way.

The green-eyed monster inside of them really is ugly isn’t it?

They are just trying to make themselves feel better because they do not have the discipline you do…or the lean body mass!!

I bet you are going to look great after your cutting phase!

I will admit to shoving a cupcake into the face of one of my friends as she winked at me while licking the icing off of it. Hydrogenated fats…EWWWW! Never mess with a low carb woman during PMS.

I don’t see a problem with lashing out…

My ex girlfriend would occasionally bake bread in the house while I was doing the low-carb thing… For me, I think the smell of baking bread is the absolute WORST smell anyone who’s low-carb can endure…

So, go ahead boss lash out.


Some suggestions from an old thread on a similar topic:

Comment from Pimp C:

“If they would quit comparing eating every meal to having an orgasm then they wouldn’t have a protruding belly and they might actually get laid.”

Another multi-purpose come-back from my main man Brider:

“What I find really interesting is all the people who aren’t happy unless they’re trying to get someone to do something that they don’t want to do. I think it stems from a very deep-seated insecurity, maybe sexual, probably psychological, most definitely physical. What do you think?”

Or, for those in a more playful mood, here’s my own suggestion for something to say (before you go postal):

“Yeah, my ex-wife was always trying to get me to eat that shit, too. I finally had to kill her with an old axe handle.” (At this point, nod slowly to yourself, “remembering” the incident. Then look back up at the person you’re talking to.) “You know how hard it is to get brains out of a carpet?”