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Would Injections at Bedtime be Better?

Just thinking out loud here.

If T naturally rises overnight to be at it’s peak in the morning, wouldn’t it be better to inject at bedtime?

That way, it could be absorbed into your system while you sleep, and be higher when you wake up.

Or am I overthinking it, as I am prone to do?

You may be overthinking but I guess you may have something valid. I believe it’s in the range of 12 hours or so before you would start to feel the “effect”/peak? of T. Cpy/Enan. I’ve never noticed much of a difference.

T ester is released as the ester-oil is absorbed and then the T ester is modified by removal of the ester group which yields bio-identical T. This is a time release T delivery system. When guys first start injecting, they may feel the injections, but that seems to go away. You may not be able to really detect if PM injections make you feel better, but if you think that they do, that is all the proof that you need.

I and many others advocate injecting often, which makes the effects that you seek very unlikely. But that makes for very good estrogen management with anastrozole.

How often do you inject? Not looking for older posts…

That’s what I thought. The racer in me always wants to find that extra half second in everything.

I inject M/W/F and feel like my levels are pretty stable, I just have to tinker…sometimes I find something good, but mostly I waste time. All in good fun.

Can you try to keep your posts in a thread specific to you, so there is some context info? Yes this Q is generic, but just the same…