Would I Get Away With Doing This?

I have just started this cycle but thought id check with u guys to see if it needs tweaked to make it better/safer

week 1-2 500mg of test e every 3.5 days
week 3-12 250mg of test e every 3.5 days
week 13-14 nothing
week 15-18 nolvadex 40/40/20/20

have extra nolva on hand and arimidex just inn case but wont use unless necessary

gonna stick to compound lifts and short hard simple workouts because i have a fast metabolism and dont gain weight very easily

I’m not a fan of front loading, just run the 500mg/week all the way through. If you really wanted to kick start the cycle you should have used some prop or an oral. If this is your first cycle then there is no need to kickstart, you will get great results off of 500mg/week. PCT appears to be set up fine.

ive already front loaded the first 2 shots but i might ease off on the next two,i thought id might as well front load the first 4 shots just in case the gear is underdosed
i decided not to do an oral or prop kickstart to see how i get used to the enanthate on its own
First shot went fine,`100% textbook
overconfident and in hurry to meet a woman the second time,forgot to bloody aspirate!dont reckon i shot into a vein but still scared me how stupid i could be
next time im gonna run thru the list step by step to ensure no fuckups

Ironmike based solely on your complete lack of details about yourself I can tell you you have selected the classic bread and butter starter stack. I’ve done it myself almost exactly as you laid it out. So yeah it should be ok. You mentioned a fast metabolism, this could require a tweak. Without your stats and training goals though its hard to make prudent suggestions, other than this:
Never, ever be in a hurry when its shot time; she can wait.

However, one thing I noticed are your nolva doses. To be honest, don’t worry about running 40mg ED. You could actually drop that to 20 or 25mg ED. According to Bill Roberts anyway, 20mg is just as effective as 40.

As for running it 4 weeks, I wouldn’t advise putting a schedule on it. Run it till your libido and testicular size starts bouncing back quite a bit. Could be as long as 8 weeks, but the most common seems around 6.


thanks for those replies world,theyre very useful to me,ive read a lot of ur posts and theyre very informative but hadnt signed up becoz u can learn alot by just reading

THe nolva bit is interesting and il remember that when the time comes
btw im 170lbs at 5,10 and training for 3yrs and my goal is to put on 15/2o lbs if possible over the next 12 weeks while still keeping cardio levels decent,the reason i am so light is probly overtraining, a problem i hope i have fixed now with shorter harder workouts instead of endless reps/sets(i used to think more was better) now i know better is better!
I wont be worrying about clean diets on this one since i find it very difficult to put on weight anyway so il probly eat a junk food meal once per day to keep a calorie surplus

In the morning i take a pint glass,just over half fill with full fat milk,crack in 2 medium eggs and throw in a scoopfull of chocolate whey powder from O.N (i tried 3 eggs but was to heavy to drink first thing and made me wanna puke so at the mo im stuck on 2) then a bowl of rolled oats uncooked also with full fat milk

lunch sambo with wholegrain bread grilled chicken/ turkey and apple/orange

dinner roast beef with potatoes n broccolli/cauliflower

snack-couple slice pizza/burrito/burger/kfc

at night after workout same breakfast drink with milk,eggs/whey

possibly more roast beef ,potatoes,veg if i can handle it

usually have 2 youghurts as well somewhere through the day,125 gram each,not natural yoghurt,flavoured with sugar etc

I know its probly a bit light on calories but im trying to increase more as i go by raising appetite

let me know if i can make any positive changes to any of it
btw supasion,next time il not rush the injection for love nor money,no woman is worth an embarrassing trip to the e.r.!

forgot to mention i take twice daily a multivitamin,an omega 3 oil capsule,a glucosamine tablet and an iron tablet 3 times a day

shook off the flu i think(touchwood)
now imm trying to get back to eating consistant meals after feeling like shit the last few days wit no appetite
time for the 3rd shot today
gonna try the delt i think,either that or the ventroglute
will update thread as i go along

day 8
weighed myself yesterday and realised ive put on half a stone,must be fat or water asa ive been not really eating or tarining since ive had a flu etc
had a great workout this morning even after hardly any sleep last night
going to cut back on the junk food as half a stone a week feels sluggish and increase cardio to 40 min run daily

the “flu” could have been your body reacting to the frontload…

thats what i reckon it was becoz me and my mate are doing an identical cycle with the same gear,same batch+everything
and he has near identical symptoms as i have,with flu and feeling shitty the first week,we both gained weight though and ive noticed bigger pumps already especially around the arms

great workout today in the morning,chest,biceps,triceps,loads of energy,great pump on muscles at such an early stage of the cycle,unbelievable really how effective a couple of shots have been,most ppl reckon u wont “feel” anything til week 4 or so but im definately noticing more pump and vascularity even while doing relatively light training

I ate like a horse today,a bit cleaner than lately,lots of veg and chicke fillets
a few proteinn shakes with eggs as well
got in a 40 minuute crosscountry run before bedtime too so im happy with todays training/eating