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Would I be a Jerk??

I recently went through a bad breakup with my girlfriend. I’ll spare you the details but it was a fairly long relationship, relative to my age, and there are bitter feelings now. Now on to the juicy stuff…I have naked pictures of her. Would I be a total bastard if I sent copies of these naked pictures to her parents, work, friends etc… NOrmally I am not a vindictive person but this is a situation where I could see myself becoming one. Any guidance from the forum??
:slight_smile: Groove

Don’t do it Dude. While I can understand the desire for revenge, if it’s just bad blood and hurt feelings, no need to pull out the big guns like that.

And in the end, you have to ask yourself whether it would really make you feel better to know you were causing pain and embarassment to someone whom you used to love?

Yes, you would be a total bastard if you do that. Put them in an envelope and send them to her. If you do what you are thinking of she will get revenge, and the saying ‘hell hath no fury like a woman scorned’ is true. You would be digging your own grave. Just think how much dirt she has on you…

A. why get rid of them when you can still look at them?
B. why not hold on to them a little bit longer in case anymore drama is thrown down?

Yah, you guys are right. I wasn’t seriously considering it. I was just hoping TC would read it and offer to trade for some Mag-10.
:slight_smile: Groove

Get over it man!

Groove: you do it and I’ll come up there and beat you senseless. With a cast iron skillet. Or whatever pot/pan you have in your home. Yes, you’d be a jerk. And in the end, it wouldn’t be worth it. Either burn the photos or give 'em to your ex. 'k? You’re better than that, dude.

She’ll tell everyone she knows all sorts of stuff about you, whether it’s true or not, like you have a teenie little pecker that’s more like a clit than a penis, you last 10sec tops, you smell, you’re a mass murderer, you gave her 2 venereal diseases, etc etc. I think it would be funny now but a yr from now she’d make sure you wouldn’t be laughing.

put them on the photo forum!..nah just playing i second on sending them to her, be the bigger man so to speak.

Speaking of pictures, ex-girlfriends and parents… Ok so a friend of mine had a real Bitch for a girlfriend, she treated him like shit, and for some reason (spineless?) he put up with it. She finally dumped him. he was real torn up about it, about two months later he recieved a letter from her talking her typical shit and saying that shes screwing this new guy yada yada yada, really rubbing in his face. To add insult to injury included with this letter was a picture of her sucking off her new boyfriend. needless to say it broke him. But in the following hour of rage and tears it dawned on him… He mailed the picture to her father with an attatched note that said: “Dear sir- this is what your daughter is doing at college.” I stil think that it was genius. ahh sweet revenge. But back to your question Groove, dont do anything with those pics… although it could make for one hell of a revenge story.

Don’t listen to em, do it!!!, and post em in the photo gallery, totally sweet.

Groove, I found myself in a similar situation, only the pictures were of her face and uh, my anatomy in her mouth. I thought about doing the same thing. She was a wicked bitch to me after the break-up, but now its been a year, and we’ve both changed alot and see each other differently. Dont do it.

Don’t send anything to anyone she knows. Instead, go to a porn shop. Buy some swingers magazines. Make up a nice letter (from her) and include contact info. Type it on the PC at your library, and don’t save it. Print it and make copies. Make copies of the nastiest picture. Send the letter and picture to multiple perverts from ads in back of mag. Have one or two calling her at work and home every day for a month. Don’t tell anyone you did this, esp her. Revenge is a dish best eaten alone.

Huck - you are EVIL!!! laugh

Is she hot? If so, send them my way, I’ll take care of them for you. HA!

If you are the kinda of person that can get a girlfriend to trust you enough to give you those types of photos, then if you betray that trust you’ll probably change the type of person you are.

Just don’t let future girl-friends see those pictures.

Nice try, dude. That story has been floating around for years… “a friend of mine” haha! It’s like this: this couple has a bad breakup, the guy had some pictures of the girl blowing him. She crossed the line with him one too many times, so he sent the pic to her parents with the caption “College is great. Send more money”.

huck, that’s a damn good idea if i ever heard one.

Ok Nate I’ll trade you some pics of my EX for some pics of those cute little nipple rings. Seriously,does it hurt to get nipple rings? I have one Tatoo on my back and people kept telling me how painful it was to get a tatoo and when I went I was expecting the worst, but it really didn;t hurt that much at all. I suspect peircings are the sme type of thing.

:slight_smile: Groove

I say hang onto them and never show them to anyone. I have read some breakup posts in here and am wondering. Why do people talk with their ex anyway? When broke up, why not break it off? Please don’t "need closure’ and “resolve issues” respond. The only issues are with oneself and should be done by oneself, or some other confidant. Don’t burn those outn either. Good luck! I hope you have the strength to move on.