Would High Prolactin Be Improved by TRT?

Hi all,

I have high prolactin levels (hyperprolactinemia) due to a prescription medication that I take. My prolactin levels are at least 3 times above the highest recommended level.

I can’t take cabergoline or similar drugs because they have a drug interaction with another prescription medication that I take. Therefore I can’t fix my high prolactin with conventional means.

Would TRT fix high prolactin?

I feel the effects of low testosterone ever since I was essentially forced into taking the medication that increases prolactin for my health. Can’t stop taking either 2 medicines due to risk / benefits.


No. If anything, it could make it worse.

TRT would help treat some of the symptoms of high prolactin though, but as a band-aid instead of a fix.

On a side note you could try taking p5p. That often really helps lower prolactin. It’s a vitamin- check with your physician it doesnt interact with your drugs.

May give some symptom relief- worth a try.


It could do, it did for me.