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Would Giving Blood Reduce T in the Blood?

This may sound silly for a few of you guys but i figured since trt is essentialy injecting T in the blood stream that slowly absorbs over time depending on the ester,would giving blood reduce the amount of test you have floating in your blood and reduce how much your body will absorb ? i’m curious of what you guys think about that ! i got advised to give blood but im trying to adapt to a new dosage and i feel that if it’s true it would hold back some progress if the t level drop even higher !

It’s injected into the muscle and slowly absorbed into the bloodstream, not injected into blood directly. Once in the blood, the ester is removed, then it is used by the body.

I can’t imagine donating blood could make much difference. Maybe a small one though, temporarily? You’re only losing a fairly small percent of your overall blood in your body and only a portion of the T you’ve injected is actually in your blood at any one time, so can’t be much IMO.

Maybe someone has more experience with it.

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In an absolute sense, yes. In a percentage sense, no.

Say I have glass with a solution of 25% sugar and 75% water. If I empty half the glass of that solution, the total amount of sugar and water goes down, but the solution still has 25% sugar / 75% water.

So if you were to test your TT before and after a blood donation the TT should be very close to the same.

If you were to donate plasma, that is a different story. The plasma donation process separates the RBC from the plasma (which holds the hormones), and keeps the plasma.

So for my example above it would be like if we emptied half the glass, but then separated the sugar, and put back the water back into the glass. In that case the sugar percent would drop.


I calculated it a while back. If I remember correctly, it’s about 0.5mg.

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Are you saying in an absolute sense how much T is lost? That would be dependent on how much was taken out, and what TT they have, right?

So if someone has a TT of 1000 ng/dL, that converts to 0.00001 mg/mL

Blood donation is usually about a half a liter (500 mL). So 500 mL x 0.00001 mg/mL = 0.005 mg of testosterone. That is a very little bit of test.

Correct me if this isn’t right.

This would be the absolute amount of test you would lose.

You’re making the assumption based on all testosterone residing solely in the serum which would not be accurate.

I am not sure I understand what you mean here. Are you talking about the transient release of the Testosterone from the depot injection in the muscle? I am just not following.

Meaning testosterone gets delivered to the tissue where it exerts its effects. So if you drained the entire blood supply out of a man you would not be draining then entire amount of testosterone as the amount in the tissue would remain. So basing a calculation only on the amount in serum wouldn’t provide an accurate representation of the percentage that was lost or the percentage that remains.

Yes, I agree with that. I was talking more about what would show up on a blood test if done right before and after blood draw (both in an absolute and percentage). Do you agree with my methodology there?

In the body no, in the blood yes, right?

so basicly even if ALL TEST was in the blood it would be like less than 1% T lost? so in other words it shouldnt make any diference? thats what im getting from you guys

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I think you’re closer, if not right. I remember doing this calculation and I remember “5”. That’s it.

Point being, it’s negligible.

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Yes, exactly. Just making sure we were on the same page.

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Will make no difference whatsoever.

Makes me wonder how much T Im losing every time I ejaculate…

Might as well wonder how many eyelashes you lose a day.

Just as irrelevant. It’s a non-issue. A non-concern.

That makes me wonder… How much T am I converting into DHT when I lose hair follicles. I have noticed that my hair is thinning more than what it was. Dick is strong though…

How much T are you losing to power that dick? How many more silly calculations can we come up with? :wink:

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