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Would Fat Gripz be Worth It for an Inexperienced Lifter?

Guess this belongs here? We need an equipment forum.

Been toying with the idea of getting Fat Gripz for the last week. I only recently returned to lifting a few weeks ago after about a week off and am trying to build my strength back up and lose fat. Would these be of any use? I mean, I know they are useful and I definitely want to use them one day for sure. But right now, should I just focus on using thumbless grips or squeezing the s**t out of the bar; or should I throw these in right now on the ground floor of all this? Got the money, just wondering if I should spend it right now or wait a few months or more haha

I think your kinda majoring in the minors dude… Tons of guys build mass without thicker bars. But I mean the only thing that fat gripz would help with are overhead movements. CT mentioned that there is a greater recruitment in shoulder muscle fibers and performance increase when a thicker bar is used in over head movements. But I mean its your cash so you can do what you want. Just dont think its a priority as an “inexperienced” lifter. Lol rather go buy more food! :stuck_out_tongue:

Def know it’s no requirement for building mass. But I had actually planned to use them on all lifts, even deadlifts, with the exception being squats and what not. Mainly because my interests are related to body building. Appearance wise, do want to look good naked. But performance wise, I’m working on getting back into some MMA, want to participate in some highland games, and mainly just want to be a BAMF (haha stupid I know, but the desire is there). I figured that having to drop a little weight in my lifts today and working back up with the Fat Gripz.

My thinking was kind of that when I have to lift without them, or have to lift things other than barbells, I’ll be able to lift a lot more than I could while using them. It might take me that much longer to deadlift a huge number or hit high reps in pullups, but when I do get there, I’ll be massively stronger than I was using them. And my body would be a lot stronger, having worked up while working on its weak points. Is the thought process wrong is what I am wondering. I don’t mind taking longer to reach my goals if I might be better for it in the end.

Don’t use them for pull-ups and deads. It will take you way to long to build a solid base of strength. Use them for pressing movements. I have a pair that I stick on the bar, and I love them.

If I tried to deadlift with fat gripz, I guarantee I wouldn’t get over 150. I have pretty small hands though.

Just my .02

Get strong first.

Get Fat Gripz. It’s a great psychological strength booster (Forearm strength too). I have a pair and love them.

Use Fat Gripz for all your sets except your heaviest one, when you take take them off and the weights feel like toothpicks.

It gives you a mental edge and you end up lifting more, they are great plateau busters.

Good investment.

Try searching, there was a huge thread on these about three months ago.