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Would Deca Show Up on TRT Test Check?

When get my bi yearly testosterone test for my trt would deca show up, ill stay away from orals but would a nor19 , show up , i am on 200 milligrams cypionate weekly. Want deca 43 bad joints haven’t started yet, would they be able to no of im on deca by blood test, i know they can only test for what insurance covers . I have bad joints pain don’t want pain meds, physical job on top.

I believe it just adds to the total test levels, assuming they are just doing normal TRT labs, but i have no idea what labs an insurance company would normally do.

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It will not show up on test values nor will it add to testosterone results. That said, no matter what labs are requested from your doc, s/he may always request additional labs using the same blood for example a toxicology report. If the doc noticed youve put on 30lbs of muscle in a year they just might check.

yeah I’m not going to blow my trt comes in handyprobably affect prolactin level or some level I think I’m just going to stay try maybe NPP after my blood work for a few months

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it can add to total testosterone levels…

nandrolone binds to the same receptors that testosterone and other androgens do. it also binds more strongly, so it can displace some of that testosterone, and bring the total and free level up a bit…

however, if one is using a lower dose, then this might now matter much. only bloodwork can really show much this would matter, from one individual to another…

@strongmanjoe, if you want to use it, then i would just cycle on and off it, around the time you have your yearly bloodwork…

That’s the plan i going to try npp as deca stays in system 18 months.

The doc wont associate elevated prolactin with Deca. They dont follow bro science and nor can they ethically because of the standards of practice created by the college that governs them. Lots of similar molecules bind to the receptor and the assay will not pick those up and add to testosterone lab values. I see no reason why deca would. You can always use the excuse that you injected just before the blood draw.