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Would an Oral Cycle without Test be Efficient?

I asked myself the question but couldn’t find it anywhere, some dude on a forum told he gained 5 kilos on winstrol with at least 2 kilos of muscles.

I think he didn’t do any PCT either,

Would it be more safe and efficient to take an oral steroid with a proper PCT but without test ?

Never take an oral without injecting testosterone.

Let’s put it this way.

Testosterone lets you build muscle. Using an oral steroid will suppress your natural test. Then you go through a period after the cycle where your testosterone levels are still suppressed.

What do you think?

I can see the utility of oral only cycles if you need a boost in performance for a particular upcoming event like some mma guys(I may be wrong) but otherwise I don’t think they are efficient at all.

Thanks for all the answers, I found it weird but I wasn’t sure.

Also, assuming one takes a soft dose of Test, like the less possible for efficience.

I assume the PCT would be lighter ?

Here’s the deal - you can only run an oral for a few weeks before it starts fucking with your liver, and it’s going to shut down your HPTA and you are going to need PCT. Six weeks is about the max for most people, and that is really too short to be worth the effort. PCT is PCT.

Now Bill Roberts and some others advocate for shorter cycles, but that is blasting and cruising on injectables, so there isn’t PCT.

The thing to figure out is your goals. What do you want to do? Improve strength, performance, mass? Then plan a cycle. I assume whomever you are talking about is considering a first cycle and is probably afraid of injecting shit into their body, as they should be. They most likely haven’t maxed out their natty potential, haven’t put in the work in the gym for a long enough period of time, haven’t figured out how to eat, and are looking for a short cut. If that is the case, doing a cycle will be a complete waste of time and money. If it isn’t, then they should just do a proper cycle of 500mg of test, with an AI, HCG, and a proper PCT. There are literally thousands of threads on this board about how to plan a first cycle.

Yes indeed and I have read a thousand of them but looking “the goals” of all those threads, they seem to be bigger than my own goal, I have some years experience, I assume I’m “nearly” at my natty max and I’d like to experience a first cycle “light” to see where I could go, to see if I could do a proper real cycle afterwards ect.

No. Even a replacement dose of test will shut you down. The only differences are 1)less side effects and 2)you can start PCT earlier. But then cycling wouldn’t be worth it.

Well less side effect would be great.

Since I’m a teacher I wouldn’t like to roidrage at school and furthermore, accelerate my hairloss too much

you’re not gonna “roid rage” on a regular testosterone cycle moron.

and why the fuck do you think oral steroids aren’t the same thing as injectable steroids?

I’ve never touched AAS - just fascinated by this forum - but most of the smart guys here seem to reject this philosophy.

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get outta here, natty![quote=“ActivitiesGuy, post:10, topic:218982”]
I’ve never touched AAS - just fascinated by this forum - but most of the smart guys here seem to reject this philosophy.

I’m actually totally a fan of starting light. I, myself, only used 400mg of test for my first cycle.

There’s 2 problems with what the OP is proposing though:

-Winstrol doesn’t aromatise. That means it’ll shut off his natural test (all steroids do even at low doses), which in turn will mean no aromatisation (oestrogen production). This is a surefire way to make you lethargic, unhappy and impotent. Not exactly conducive to being the super awesome alpha male we’re all striving to be.

-For some reason, and I’ve never really seen a decent explanation why, oral-only cycles just don’t seem to work. I can’t explain it because on paper they sound bloody brilliant. A cycle without pinning? Sign me up for that shit! Sadly it just doesn’t play out that way, which is why we advise against it.

Had the OP proposed a low dose test cycle along with his winny, wouldn’t have been no thang.

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Run it all ALL OF IT.

but for real nothing wrog with staying light for your first cycle but, that doesn’t mean you have to be an idiot on your first light cycle. A 10 week 300mg test and 20mg dbol daily is going to be drastically more beneficial than a 6 week 50-60mg a day dbol cycle. Also it is still very light. But, mind you a light oral cycle will shut you down just as hard as a light or even heavy testosterone dose. Difference is the light test one won’t be a complete waste of money.

Lastly, oralsc seem to affect my aggression and mood FAR more than Test. So, “roid rage” while I believe it is just an excuse to be a dick while on is just as likely from an oral as it is from an injectable.


Thanks for all the answers, I showed the thread to that guy and he then admitted having just “tried it once”

I’m gonna start looking more precisely for it, I’ve seen some 4-5weeks cycle were sometimes done

Prop and dbol for 4-5 weeks could definitely be beneficial. Personally I think if you’re going hard, 8-10 weeks is the upper range for building lots of muscle quickly. Look into myostatin upregulation if you want to see my reasoning. Lots of empirical evidence on that time frame too from guys who have gone longer.

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6 weeks of prop and dbol or another oral would be pretty effective but if I only had 6 weeks tops I’d personally go

Test Base or Suspension: 50mg a day split into 2 doses a day. Can use a slin pin never feel it.
Dbol: 20mg daily
Arimidex: standard dose

I saw on Meso RX that " Dianabol Only Cycles

Dianabol can also be used alone. Many treat such usage with disdain, but in times past many excellent physiques were built with Dianabol as the sole performance-enhancing drug, and even today a few get good benefit from Dbol used alone. However, in my opinion it is only high responders who do well with this compound used alone, rather than this being a typical result."

But in reality, I’ve never seen anyone on a forum posting real results of it, so I may go for a Dbol + test( kind and doses are still to be fixed) 4-6 weeks cycle, with anti aromatase during it then a good old PCT

my weight lifting coach told me for several years all they had was dbol he told me it was a big deal when guys took more than one pill a day , then in 80’s deca, winny, parabolin, and then test came along . Alot of great physiques built back then, also i ran a cycle of 125 Sustanon a week and 60 mg winny oral daily after a mass cycle looked and felt great keep muscle 270 to 245, low on money alot of lean turkey sandwiches, eggs, ramen noodles, and ate like 3 oranges a day. Owe and dymetedrine extreme, could zercher 505 from ground then . Only to br young again. So running an oral cycle you can make gains but 100mg test a week, way better easy on system.

OP very simply no. Anyone with experience and smarts in the AAS world steer clear of orals except for in very specific conditions. The days of the pros using anadrol and dbol to bulk are gone.