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Would a Blood Test Show Test E?

Does a complete physical and blood test show that someone is taking Test E?? For an employer, government related…please any help???

It’s unusual for companies to test for steroids as it’s so expensive, but it does happen.

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Most of the time they are looking for street drugs, you have to have specific tests for androgens. I just dont think they are looking for that.

‘complete’ is an ambiguous term. There is actually no such thing as a ‘complete’ blood test. If you’re asking if it is possible for a blood test to reveal that you are taking steroids, the answer is, of course, yes. If you’re asking if it is standard practice for most jobs, the answer is no. Hormone levels will generally not be checked, unless you’re applying for a job where steroid use would be of concern to your employer. Generally, an employer would have no incentive to pay for this to be tested.

‘Government job’ is also ambiguous. Are you applying to be a mail carrier? A clerk? Or are you applying to be an FBI agent? These are all government jobs, but the drug tests they give will vary immensely.

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most employers don’t test for steroids…

if they do, then they would need to test for total androgen levels, a T:E ratio or a CIR test…