Would 5/3/1 BBB Be Junk Volume?

Would you count 5/3/1 BBB as doing junk volume? Or if you push the last set to just before form failure, it would be better? And also pushing the last set of assistance work to failure?

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Remind me again of how it looks.

Bench press, squat, deadlift, overhead press.
Doing 5/3/1 or 3/5/1 sets then 5 sets of 10 at the specific intensities of the week. Then 25-50 assistance reps of push, pull and abs at the end of each workout.

I’m no mathematician but I think that the 5 sets of 10 reps @ 70% equate to some growth depending on what your training max is.

Right, there are a lot of people who this program has done a phenomenal job growing size and strength.

How did you get a pdf of 5/3/1 Forever? Jim never released the book electronically…

Found this picture somewhere were someone was talking about it on reddit.

It’s still copyrighted dude. Even if the information is pretty easy to find online for free.

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So 5 sets of 10 @ 70 should produce some growth yes.

From what we’ve seen in studies and anecdotally, the 65% mark at 10 reps is about 4 RIR. Which means you’re getting about 1 growth stimulating rep per set there.

At 70% you’re looking at maybe 3 RIR, so 2 growth stimulating reps there.

If you’re doing 5 sets like that, you’re getting around 10 growth stimulating reps.

Or…you could do 2 sets of 6 reps to failure and get basically the same amount of stimulus.


Knowing this has made my training so much more enjoyable. I no longer dread hypertrophy work. I’m only 2 weeks into using these methods, trying to put a bit more size on for powerlifting, but excited to see if this will break my muscle gain plateau which I’ve been on for years.


Still no training log though…

You are persistent my friend. Do people actually read or follow those? It just seems like a waste of time on top of already logging them in my own notebook.

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Yeah, lots of good info in them.

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Hmm, okay. Just need a good thread name.

Most of my interaction with people on these boards are in their logs and my own.

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Listen to paul carter on adaptnation. Itll save a bunch of time.


“Escaping Ferruggia” or “Abs Like Ravioli”

How do you mean with regards to time?

Only problem is that it’s 70% of a training max which is 80-90%, and the other two weeks are 50% and 60%. Kind of sounds like that recent study on sarcoplasmic hypertrophy, meaning that you would probably get some growth but likely not the sort of growth that is conducive to increased strength, which is the main objective of 5/3/1.

Oh that’s right it’s based on a 90% max, eg training max.

Honestly then I don’t see any REAL growth coming from that. Yes some cellular volume via what might appear to be sarcoplasmic growth but as soon as you stop training that way it’s going to go to the wayside.