Worthless Fitness Crap


why even bother?

well, some of it is a stretch. but you have to remember not everyone is looking to get the “dream” body. Some people just want something different and something that doesn’t require a lot of equipment.

obviously there are better ways to work out, but someone that is on a limited budget could pick up a few ideas to at least get them moving.

and no one here should bad mouth JC Santana. laugh all you want at some of the exercises he gives, but until you can do the stuff he does, with size and strength, shut up, lol

People laugh at wall squats, but there’s nothing funny about them after ninety seconds. If you find them easy try doing them holding 45#. Different strokes for different folks. No one wants newbies in the gym but they mock them when they try to get in shape in other ways, some of that shit is hard to do. Maybe you should try it before you mock it.

Personally, I like number 6.


These are supposed to be little workouts if you want to switch things up, not the foundation of your program. They do look pretty good if you do them with any intensity.