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Worthless/Amazing Supps?

I was shopping around a bit,the plan was to get 2 bottles of RED KAT,4 bottles of TRIBEX and four bottles of HOT-ROX. Looks like it’s gonna be on the ROX this time.

The question is,which 3 supps have given you the best results?Which weren’t worth your money?

Curious before I blow 300 bucks.

Why buy RED KAT and TRIBEX when you can buy Alpha Male?

If you aren’t taking Surge, you need to buy it. Now.

Same goes for Low-Carb Grow!; you have to get that quality protein in day in and day out.

Stay strong

I agree with the Alpha Male. Why take two when you get the impact of those two fine products with one amazing one.

I would also like to second the Surge reply.

And if you are looking for a low cost way to assist anabolism and repair. ZMA is an excellent way to help with anabolism. Most athletes or anyone who works out on a regular basis are defecient in Zinc and Magnesium.

Those are the 3 I buy on the most consistent basis.

I definitely agree with MR; Surge and Grow! should be a staple in your daily nutritional plan. I always use these two supplements.

As for other supplements, I haven’t tried Alpha Male, but if it contains the same stuff you’d get from RED KAT and TRIBEX, then go for the Alpha Male!

Otherwise, the other thing I use daily is ZMA (love it for the restful sleep). I’ve used HOT-ROX off and on with good results too.

I’ve tried many of the other supplements that T-Nation has, but I don’t feel that they are needed on a daily basis…usually more specific for certain times/goals.