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Worth Trying To Rescue A Periodised Training Block?

After getting just 3.5 weeks into a 16 week programme I hit a small snag. I had a weekend music festival, which I planned for, but straight after I suffered a massive migraine attack.
I’ve not trained in over a week and can’t return to the gym until my opium depenancy has reduced and I’m not stoned all the time. That’s going to be Monday so 11 days total.
More over I’ve dropped 4kg / 9lb of body weight and 2 inched of the navel measurement in 5 days (Sunday night to today).
I’ve never done a periodised training programme. I assume there is no saving this, especially so early on in the 16 week plan. Best just start over? Or are there ways to jump back in?

All help appreciated.

If you’re three weeks in, don’t have a meet or annything to plan for just restart it. Usually the first week is easy and if you’re feeling like crap may be needed to get started back up.

Just eat really big for a few days

What is the training program?

I’d start again. 11 days is a long time if you only got 23 days into it.

I’m gonna have to start over. I’m still a million miles off of training. Shame really as I was hoping for a 450/475lb lb deadlift by September.

Thanks for getting back to me.