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Worth the Calories and Carbs?

Are beans and sweet potatoes and lentils worth the carbs and calories they have or would I be better off not eating them as I am trying to lose fat?

I used a calorie calculator to figure out what my calorie needs would be at my goal weight so I should be eating between 1350 and 1500 a day.

With that amount of calories, should I be using any of those to eat the beans, sweet potatoes and lentils?

If you’re going to be having carbs, have them around your workout. Beans and sweet potatoes are an excellent choice though.

Sweet potato around your workout.

Vegetables are always good. Don’t be scared to eat them. 100g of brocolli has like 2g of carbs. Beans are a little higher but not much.

The calorie content of green veges is so low and they are rich in vitamins and good stuff so make sure you eat plenty.

Remember, the most important aspect of your diet is sustainability.

If you want to have sweet potato, have sweet potato. And frankly, sweet potato is a good choice on any diet.

Great! So everything in moderation and take count of the calories. I do like my sweet potatoes and hot, good lentil soup. I have never really been a bean eater, but I need to learn new ways, foods and all that.

Hey Belle,
I thought you might get good use out of this thread on clean foods. Olesya’s got it all divided up into proteins, fats, and carbs.

Good luck!

HAH! I was just wondering about carbs and stuff from teh 8 Power Foods article.

you might want to read it