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Worth Switching to Private?

I’m trying to decide if it will be worth it to switch over to private. Im talking with defy but i have found a local place that claims to have the only board certified anti aging dr in the state of r.i… Im currently getting a script 100mg/week from a P.A. at an urgent care. Im thinking with private i could start a little higher and come down if needed. Also would like the hcg which the P.A. doesnt agree with. Any thoughts or insight. Local is 275 consult and I’m calling when they open to discuss prices going foward from there. Right now I pay 30 for my apt every couple months plus my script was 25 without the prior authorization because i didnt want to wait. It would have been $10 most likely.


How are you doing with this dose?

I just started the injections at this dose and the PA wants me around 500-600. I am 30 work construction and have 3 kids at home of all different ages. I would like to maximize my potential for a while and take advantage of the fact my job is like going to a gym. As far as hcg goes we may want child #4 in a couple years and it just seems like a good idea to keep them functioning and making their own juice even if its minimal. Suposedly it Also balances other hormones?

Doctors are taught to target mid range levels, the problem with that is everyone is different, some men will need more T to feel normal. Add to that high normal levels are healthier according to all the studies, your doctor doesn’t care about your health, doctors care about following training even if it’s wrong.

If 440 is the cut off point for cardiovascular disease, why does your doctor want you hovering just above that range. My endo was happy with a trough of 440, the cut off point for cardiovascular disease.

If your SHBG is on the higher end, 500-600 wouldn’t get you feeling normal.

Ok, that is a problem, or potentially one, as you are not a number on a lab report. The target should be on how you are feeling and if you feel great at 600, then fine, run with it. Otherwise………now talking out of both sides of my mouth and going with the numbers, most guys will feel happier at 800-1000 than 500-600.

Then yes, but you can wait until that time arrives. In the meantime, run it for six weeks after you have been on test for six months. Then again in another six months. When ready for #4, start it about two months prior.

You meant would NOT get you feeling normal? Higher SHBG, lower free testosterone.

Mine was 16nmol before starting

So there really isnt any real benefit to hcg except fertility? Or is waiting 6 months just to get dialed in then cycle it enough to be useful but not to desensitize

Two reasons for hCG, fertility and preventing testicular atrophy. Some believe it “leans” them out, but I’m not so sure about that. You really do not need it on TRT other than for those two reasons, but I would use it every six months or so just to stimulate the testicles. Go full time with it once ready to conceive, of course stay on it until mission accomplished.

I am like 99% that i am.going to go private. It will be like 2100 for a local place. Suposedly real good Dr. Current P.A. doesnt believe in hcg at all except for coming off T

That’s because your doctor is operating in the dark as for as TRT is concerned. Clearly your doctor doesn’t specialize in this area of medicine and is common to see them recommended stopping TRT so they don’t have to deal with it anymore.

For a year?

Its 375 for the consult then 525 every 3 months. Defy sounded cheaper with the rd quote but then i was told 1500-1800 when its all said and done. So for a few hundred more i have a dr i can see in person and hold accountable. No shipping meds which honestly worries me

Its called intellectual medicine 120