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Worth Seeing This Urologist?

Looking for a little personal advice.

My neuroendocrinologist referred me to a sex medicine urologist. Apparently this guy, at Weil Cornell in NYC, is pretty highly regarded. I was excited!

Until his office called, and said they don’t take my insurance. But they’ve got another guy.

This other guy hasn’t even graduated yet apparently, isn’t listed on the hospital’s website (just has a student profile of sorts for the school), doesn’t have a single review online, etc. Sounds like something between an NP/PA and a doctor. My research online leads me to believe he finished med school, but not his residency. Guess that’s a thing now?

I’m already a patient of Dr Saya, and considering the highly regarded Dr Rotman here (who has done interviews on Excelmale and other relevant things showing he’s with the times).

Would you bother seeing this other guy?

Depending on the complexity of your situation, and any other readily available sure thing options, I think yes. I say that because it sounds as though you’re not new to TRT and therefore won’t be easily misled and will also quickly determine if he’s up on TRT. If he is in a practice with a highly regarded sexual medicine specialist, he’ll be learning from presumably competent doctors, and if new, he has likely already received some training. This isn’t taught in school or residencies anyway, so a residency means little for us. If not, if he is flat out clueless, you’ll know and just be out an office visit and some time.

Not sure I would give the same advice to someone uninformed and/or new to TRT. Good luck with whatever route you take, regardless.

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fuck no. He will consult with his colleagues because he has no clue. Dont Doc Hop!

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This is kind of what I’m thinking. Worst case, it’s a wasted 30 minutes. Best case, the guy says he’s a huge fan of Dr Saya (or somebody reputable) and is running a study on low libido male treatments.

I see Dr Rotman. I think he knows trt . Good sign he visits forums to stay on top of this stuff. He carries hcg in office as far as I know.

And as far as I see he would give you 200mg a week with little issue. As I inject less than that I still get 200. More than 200 probably need proof in the labs these my guess.

It’s wired though I like his trt if I run into a urological major issue I probably go elsewhere. Not sure.

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Already setup another appointment next week to see him, plus we’ve been emailing back and forth. Really just need more frequent visits (and insurance coverage) at least for a while.

I’m on 184mg currently, and trying HCG again. I know he’s big on HCG in younger guys too.

He started me with hcg. I didn’t like and he doesn’t even talk about it anymore.

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Ah good to know. He pushed me for it but so did my endo (who I just see for the tumor). Except my new endo, she refers to it (no HCG) as my “contraceptive” haha

Do you find that Dr Rotman is labwork friendly? I.e. if you’re feeling bad/good is he opposed to ordering basic tests to see where your levels are?

Im imagining Jon Lovitz saying this. I didnt like HCG until I found a middle ground. The docs are wrong and the docs arent wrong. So be half as smart as them. Right never comes into the equation because we are not static!