Worth of a Pharmaceutical?

Hi degenerates,

I have been prescribed TRT twice, only this time I am actually going to grab the prescription at the pharmacy only for fun.

TRT is bullshit and I will not get into that.

I have 5 mL of 200 mg/mL of delatestryl (testoterone enanthate): 1000 mg. It’s 37$

I am just wondering what do you pay or what would you pay for that? Just curious, I do not plan on selling anything to anyone.

When insurance stopped covering axiron , i switched to injectables. I paid 115 dollars for 10ml testosterone cypionate 200, from pharmacy.
Then they stopped letting me get 10ml bottle, i could get 1 month supply of the 1ml bottles, 3 for 58 dollars.
Now i get them for free , new insurance company, sometimes picking up mutiple scripts maybe small copay.
Oh fyi i see axiron is now over 500 bucks American for 30 day supply
From you degenerate overweight, rural type.

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Thanks alot for your response, appreciated

How much would a juicer pay for 1gr of testosterone?

South of the border I walk into the pharmacy ant is is right about 800 pesos so about $40 USD for 1g in 250/mL amps.

But I have found a trusted source online for vials and will also start making my own.

I highly recommend the home brew route for the more ambitious or a trusted online source.

I don’t make my own steroids. I have a TRT prescription. From a doctor and real pharmaceutical company. Testosterone enanthate, commercial name Delatestryl from Valeant.

It must be worth more than 40$ USD for 1g if it’s already here?

The human grade stuff is worth more , it may not have as high mgs though. Plus if you mix you’re pharmaceutical test, with ug gear who use ethyl oleate , the pip is less.
But i would much rather do human grade , back in 80’s the guys used much lower mgs (or so they say) could get pharmaceutical grade test, anadrol, deca, winstrol,anavar, primobolan easy and cheap so I’ve been told.

I see that I don’t know about pharmaceutical or human grade.

It’s a medical prescription taken in a pharmacy. It must be human grade I guess.

It’s in sesame oil by the way.

I don’t know what mixing is. I only have a commercial liquid product and syringes.

Any ballpark number? The concentration is supposed to be accurate too.

Pharmaceutical grade has what it says in bottle 200mg ml. Ug gear may advertise higher mgs but may be lower mgs as well i could be different ester, or even different chemical.
I would say pharmaceutical grade worth twice as much per mg.


Pharmaceutical grade products are products that are approved for sale by the fda. There is human grade and vet grade. This means that the manufacture of these products comply with GMP standards pertaining to their use. Vet grade products will be labeled “not for human consumption” but will meet veterinary standards.

The price is dependent on different brands, branded/generic, 1st vs 2nd vs 3rd world countries, government subsidies/insurance etc.

Btw, the testosterone will take about 4 weeks to reach peak levels(see half life) so it’s still too early to fully feel the effects.

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Thanks for the answer.

It’s a whooping 50mg per week and I most probably won’t try it as it is.

That looks too low unless you are using HCG as well and you’re not secondary hypo but I guess your doc will adjust the dosage according to your bloodwork.

It’s not a low dosage in Quebec alternate TRT reality.

HCG doesn’t exist in the TRT context here. It’s frowned upon for some reason, the endo was uncomfortable when I brought the topic. You don’t want to do things outside of the book.

I am pretty sure there is no adjustment before the next appointment: 8-10 months. They don’t really have the time to do that kind of follow-up.

I just got the thing for fun, I was in for my goiter.

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