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Worth It to Take 600mg Test Cyp a Week vs. 500mg?

Starting a blast tonight and have done 500mg/wk in the past with good results. Has anyone that blasts on Just Test noticed a difference on a slightly higher dose? Its Test Cyp and I take 200mg a week for cruise. 200mg keeps me between 800-1200 trough and since Ive had zero sides and take no Ai (I do have anstrozole) Im sticking to just T. Im in my 40’s and lift hard normally but my joints/tendons have never kept up with my strength increases, even in my 20’s. I do turn up the volume and weight, turn up the food(vegan whole food), massive hydration,and bed at 9:30-6 7 days a week. Zero alcohol, 1 coffee a day. The only thing I take to feel good is kratom.

I dont know if 20% more is worth it or if Id just be wasting it. Part of me wants to try some other things but I have no access and have a hard time trusting black/grey market steroids. If I was 20-30 years old again, I would but, Im too old to care.

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You’re overthinking things… How old are you? Above 30 could mean anything… if you’re 65 I’d say be very, very careful…

FWIW I’ve done both and not noticed a difference. I’m learning that test only goes so far and you have to use different compounds after your first couple test cycles to push your body farther.

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What’s the difference between having 5 beers and having 6 beers? In both cases you’ll be drunk.

Drunk on 5 beers? Puss… haha :laughing:

Haha yeah my tolerance is shit right now seeing as I drink once in a blue moon.