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Worth Going on TRT While Waiting for Surgery on Varicocele?

23yr old. I have a varicocele on left teste that’s caused some atrophy. I have had a couple doctors do physicals on it because of the pain I described but none actually diagnosed it. They thought it was epididymitis. But honestly they were only feeling the testes and never really looked for a varicocele. I was also laying down for the exams and also for the ultrasound which relaxes the veins. I read that you must be standing to diagnose varicocele.

Bottom line I have felt what feels like a bag of worms and I’m quite certain it’s a varicocele. I’ve also had bloodwork come back with bioavailable testosterone at 1.93 with acceptable range 2.5-10. Doctor has me waiting on an appointment with urologist. Thing is I’m in NS Canada and it’ll be another 150 days for that appointment and then it’d be another 280or so days for surgery after that. I have very low libido, deteriorated self confidence, very low energy which is affecting my work life, I have ED and depression. I feel like there’s no way I can go waiting that long feeling this way.

I recently lost my longtime planned to be wife, we were together for 7 yrs and the reason shes gone is because Im pretty sure I stopped caring and was depressed. I can’t attract new women despite being fairly good looking, because Im so depressed. My doc said he doesn’t wanna do treatment because he thinks urology will find the issue and fix it. I’m 98% sure it’s a varicocele and they will fix it but do you guys think it’s reasonable for me to want to go on TRT until then? I can’t go on feeling this way

Any thoughts?

Nobody got any thoughts?

There is your answer. Do you have other labs, FSH, LH?

Hey bro I was in the same boat I have had my Varicocele sense I was 25 by the age of 28 I was diagnosed with low T. I had the option of getting the surgery done or going on TRT. I decided to go with TRT and now 2yrs later I got the surgery done and now im trying to come off. TRT will make you feel better in the mean time but im sure your not going to want to be on it for the rest of your life

Did you find TRT solved all your issues? Did you have low libido and some ED? low energy, muscle aches, depression?

I had a T level close to 600 but had no sex drive, energy, etc and TRT was one of the best decisions I ever made. In the first year my body changed tremendously and my sex drive is almost too high. I absolutely love it and would recommend it to everyone (and I do). Obviously weigh the cost/benefits but I really don’t have any bad things to say about it. Getting dialed in can unpleasant if you aren’t a patient person but besides that it’s a life changing decision that I can’t be more happy that I made.

Yes I have all of those symptoms. Yes TRT helped with 80% of those issues. But still had some ED and low libido. It is basically a never ending struggle trying to balance your hormones out. It will never be as god as having your natural hormones working on there own

May I ask what your age is?

23yr old. Did TRT at least improve libido at all? That’s honestly one of the main things I’m trying to solve

Looking for things that can affect libido, the list is many.

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I’m 35 yrs old.

That sounds like you never got your hormones dialed in. For me frequent injections helped do it. I also noticed that whatever dose I was on it I waited at least 3 months it got much better. I think people change their protocol before you get the full benefit. I usually feel like crap, less like crap, ok, and at some point I starr feeling good and my libido comes back strong. I would be willing to bet a lot of folks don’t give it enough time.

I’m 23yr old. Barely overweight. So I’ve been trying to get TRT from my doctor but had no luck. Had a blood test come back with bioavailable testosterone at 1.93 with range being 2.5- 10, but he wanted me to try another test in a month and then it came back 2.9. He’s not willing to do TRT he thinks I can get to top of range naturally.

So now I have an appointment with a wellness clinic that will most likely treat me but I want to make sure the test comes back as low as it can be. It’s going to be a saliva test that I do at home and then mail out to them, and wait 2 weeks for results. I’m doing very little excercise and will be doing only 5-6 hours of sleep the week leading up to the test. I will also be staying up as late as possible when I do the test at home. Any other ways to lower the results?

I have a varicocele and will be getting a consultation with a urologist on that but surgery could take a year ( in Canada) and if that’s the case I want TRT to be an option while I wait. Suffering from the classic symtoms, no morning erections, low libido, weak erections, timid personality/ depression, and less energy.

Let me know what you guys think please and thanks.

Where are you at and why aren’t they doing blood tests?

Your doctor is mistaken and doesn’t specialize in this area of medicine, he is blowing smoke up your ass because he really doesn’t want to prescribe TRT to young men, few doctors will. The reason is doctors are taught in medical school TRT causes prostate cancer, so giving a 23 year old TRT, if you were to get prostate cancer his life, career could be in ruins.

In reality this belief that TRT causes prostate cancer was perpetrated by a study is 1941 and has since been proven false, still doctors can not let go of their fear. You more than likely will not get TRT prescribed by a state healthcare doctor.

You need TRT because your levels are very low. You need to seek out a private clinic for your TRT or keep looking for a new doctor.

The doctors below may be able to help.

Dr. Lawrence D. Komer Burlington, Ontario
Dr. Adam Millar at Mount Sinai Hospital in Ontario

I’m in Halifax NS. The private clinic does saliva hormone tests, not sure why it’s not blood.

Saliva hormone tests can be inaccurate.

Weird, lady from clinic said they were more accurate.

Just because someone says something, always take it with grain of salt. I can’t count the times a doctor told me something that turned out to be inaccurate.

My old GP told me that testosterone only affects the mind when I was first inquiring about my weak flat muscles. A quick google search was all that was needed to know she was just blowing smoke up my…

It’s honestly sad. My doctor thinks that because I smoke weed every now and then that’s the reason my T is low, and if I stop he thinks it’ll come back to normal levels, although oddly enough I smoked heavier when I was 20-21 and had no low T symtoms and then because of an injury to my teste they started happening. But somehow he thinks stopping weed will solve everything.