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Worth Doing Arm Exercises With One Torn Bicep?


47 year old male been in the gym since god created the heavens. between boxing and weights and everything between. still active in the gym at least 5 days a week. 12 years ago tore my right bicep on the heavy bag. refused to get it fixed, cuz one im stubborn and two was not in the mood to wait for a long recovery time of doing nothing…anyway big mistake i regret…regardless. the question finally…is it still worth it for me to do arm exercises at this point in the game? i mean for some reason its really bothering me the deformity and blah blah blah…but should i avoid due to the difference in arm sizes? i dunno…yes i know do what makes ya happy and stay active and all, but should i skip the arm workouts and just let them get their benefit from back and shoulder workouts??? no matter how hard i search i cannot find another online with my dilemma…any feedback would be great. thanx and god bless.


really nobody? how about some advice ?


The topic title makes it sound like you have lost an arm, if you do indeed still have 2 arms then maybe you should change that.


your correct ,thought it would be an eye catcher. thanks for the advice.


If you can train back, chest and shoulders without a problem then I would say that a few light arm isolation exercises could be of benefit, but without really knowing how bad your issue is its difficult to know if you could build back up your size and strength in that arm or if you need to visit a doctor/physio.