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Worst Workout Ever

I just had the worst workout of my life!! I have been lifting at my university’s gym where there are quite a few hardcore olympic and powerlifters there and a generally good attitude, now I am home for christmas and i went to the gym I used to workout at Pre t-mag. First thing I noticed is that all the people who were fat are still fat, all the trainers are still using the same cookie cutter routine to “help” these fatties, all the “big” guys look exactley the same as when I left 4 months ago, and it still has a pussy attitude.
I am currently doing the EDT fat loss program and it was squat day so I did my warm up and headed over to the squat rack. There is only one, and this puny little guy with eleventeen inch biceps was, of course, doing curls in the squat rack with only the bar. Arghhhhhh I politley reminded him that there was only one place I could squat and many, many places he could curl a bar. He mumbled something unintelligble and continued to pound out 6 reps with the massive bar for 8 more sets!! god only knows how many more sets he had done before i got there. I was pretty pissed off at that point and as he was leaving I said “thats a really neat back exercixe can you show me how to do it sometime” because these were ultimate cheat curls. I don;t think he got it. So then I did some warm up squats and put three 45’s on each side, not much by t-mag standards but definetly a lot by the standards in THIS gym. Since I was doing singles I decided that a spotter would be a good idea so I went to the front desk and asked the tiny little girl whho worked there if there was anyone ho knew how to properly spot a squat. She said sure she could. She asked if I was gonna do it with weight or without. I knida laughed and said with weight. I told her is was working fairly heavy and asked her if she was sure she could spot me. She said yah it would be fine. So we walk back to the squat rack and she sees the three plates on each sides and says “Are you gonna lift that???” yah? “Have you ever done it before?” yes… She then preceeds to tell me that “first of all when squatting your legs should never go wider than shoulder width and you should never, ever go to or below parallel” I looked at her with a confused look for a second and then said, no I know how to squat I just need someone to spot me.
“oooooooooh, I’ll get one of the guys” at which point she proceeds to ask other guys who are lifting in the gym if they know how to spot for a squat, during their sets no less.
One of the guys says I think so, so against my better judgement I decided to let him spot me. I lifted the weight out of the rack and was just about to descend when he says “wait, that guy is biigger let me get him” so I am stuck there with the weight on my shoulders. I was finally forced to rack it with out even doing my rep.
Added to this they had no back extension machine, no t-bar rowing machine, or any rowing machine, and I was ready to scrap the whole workout. I decided just to do some chins and deads and call it a night. What a shitty way to start the holidays.
:wink: Groove

Why were you going so heavy on squats that you needed a spot? What do you need machines for? Instead of t-bar rowing do them bent-over with a bar. Instead of using a back extension machine do goodmornings with a bar. What’s the problem?

I agree with Say. Don’t be afraid to try new movements. Some of my best workouts have been in gyms I’ve never trained in before. Usually new movements are good for you because the unfamiliarity of them makes you concentrate on actually feeling the movement.

BTW, IMHO most of the population should only be doing heavy, basic movements. Always take the barbell over the machine.

Say, I think you missed most of my post and only read the things you wanted to read because you felt lke criticizing someone tonight. Have you never in your life needed a spot for a squat? In the EDT program fpr the core lifts you have 15 inutes to do as many reps in sets of 1 as you can. I did twelve in fifteen minutes the last workout and upped my weight by 20 % er cent like the article said. Now, never having done the 20% more for this program I thought it would be better to be safe than sorry. While I am sure you go around the gym doing 1RM without spotters all the time it is just not something smart to do.
To answer your other complaints about my post, yes I could have subbed other exercises for the ones they were lacking but Coach Davies has made it clear that machines are better for this purpose than free weight movements, and also since the whole fucking idea of the workout is to increase the density of the workout and to monitor how you are improving from day to day, it would make no sense to keep switching exercises every day and really having no idea about improvements.
On another note don;t feel just because you go on the forum you have to post on every message. If you don;t have something positive to say and just want to try to shoot people down without thinking go to another forum. I was meerly expressing some frustrations with the current situation as a means of dealing with the bad workout. Again, if you have some sort of problem with this, feel free not to read the post.
By the way I’d like to think that most people who take the time to read T-mag and read the forum are smart enough to know that exercises can be substituted for each other, but unless you know the full situation, which you obviously don;t about EDT, then you really shouldn;t post on the thread.
By the way thanks for the “tip” that bent over rows can be subbed for t-bar rows. I think you just unlocked the secret to training, and probably helped millions of “hard gainers” put on pounds of muscle. Try being usefull if your going to reply to a post.

groove, I know exactly what you mean. The gym I go to, at school, is a total iron pit. Now I try to avoid my old gym, All American, when I go back home. Luckily for me OU is only a 2 hour drive from where I am from so I drive back just to go to the gym.

groove the first thing you should have done was told the front desk bitch to eat a diznick and gave her a firm slap on the ass. second when the dude walked away while spotting, you should have racked the weight found the puny prick and kicked his ass. finally, on your way out you should have found the nearest tanning bed, shot a load in it then rolled the fuck out.

Here’s my question, and it’s not a flame: Why do you need a spot if you have the squat rack? The safety bars should be at a level that if you fail, you can just set the weights back. You’ll have to resetup the weights, but oh well. Again, this is just my ignorance, so if you can explain it to me, I’d be grateful!

Say: This is EDT for dieting. Read the article, you’ll know why he needed a spotter. Do not be so presumptuous.

Bateman: That’s not really the point when doing EDT, now is it?

Fly Mar: Your analysis is entirely correct. :slight_smile:

Nephrom: You’re right, if the bars are set correctly one wouldn’t absolutely need a spot. Nevertheless, a spotter with max squat weight can be psychologically motivating, even when they do not assist in the lift, don’t you think?

Say doesnt post on every message infact he is quite selective as far as i have noticed. Unless you are in a heated debate about what can or cant be achieved while being natural he is one of the most inteligent and scientific people to post on this forum. You havent been training long… your going to have lots of shit trainings. Try to take something from it rather than blame the gym/everyone in the gym. As far as subbing exercises…I think Nathan was trying Say (No pun intended) that a subsituted exercise is better than no exercise, you have to do the best with what you got.

what is the purpose of the machine exercise that coach davies said was so good. Arent you training for fat loss? why did he say that?Did staley recomend it?

now im not really familiar with the program but didnt staley recomend predomenantly the use of machines in his program (the original mass buidling edt anyway) for similar reasons to those mentioned that you needed a spotter.

Nephorm, like Ike said it is very psycholigically uplifting for me to have a spot. I find that I can always lift more weight when i have a spotter(not even helping me lift the wieght, just there for psychological support) then with out. I could just let the weight fall onto the support pins which I have done in my other gym but a loud claning noise in this gym would get me kicked out faster than you can say “tricep kickbacks”.
Crawford, I am sure say has made some intelligent posts in the past but I really don;t think he, or you for that matter, have fully grasped the concept of the new EDT article for fat loss. Ike hit it right on the head with his post on this thread. The reason staley ( not davies, my mistake) rcommends machines as far as I know is because they don;t tire your nervous system out so much and it is better for the goals of the program. The goal of the program is fat loss not maximal strength, that is why you do a core lift to keep your strength and then use machines for the other PR zones. I don;t know about you but most people would over train pretty quickly if they were doing 4, 15 minute PR zones with 2 compound exercises per zone with little to no rest in between sets. All I was saying to Say is that he should inform himself fully of the program, and situation before posting that what I did was wrong.
Agaun, I am sure when he does a little more research first beofre posting his posts probably are helpful and smart but in this case it was neither.
:slight_smile: Groove

Apparently EDT makes you cranky. grooveless, Say was really just trying to help out and you jumped all over him. Maybe he should’ve checked out your program a little bit more, but maybe he had some valid points as well.

Dayum! You squat 315lb! Not too fucking bad! I use 245lb for my 5x5, but I’m sure I could probably do 265 at least for my 1RM. Good shit, I’m sure you know what you’re doing, since you’ve read everything on here, and are into training at a fanatical level! To others: I’m sure he’s not trying to be an asshole. You can’t really carry over tone in a text. He’s right to defend his actions against criticism, especially as that criticism is unfounded.

If I was cynical I would say that Groove asked the counter girl to spot his 3 plates thinking that he was going to impress her even when there were other guys in the gym working out. But I won’t type that. Oops, too late. Anyways ,Groove, I think you went off a little hard at Say. As to your post about don’t respond to posts if it isn’t positive, well that really isn’t the point of a forum. Everyone has different views and opionions that is what makes the forum fun. I also believe that Say was just expressing his opinion that it is better to get the work out in no matter how you do it rather than not at all. Personally I think that people get too caught up in all these different programs. Whatever the hell happened to training hard and heavy with basic movements, especially if you are a newbie.

Say was just helping.

Grooveless, it’s funny that someone who’s relatively new to weight training is so critical of everyone else in the gym, blaming them for his inability to handle a weight that is apparently too heavy for him. You then proceed to criticize Say for being negative, while the whole subject of your post was negative and critical, “if you can’t say something positive…”, talk about hypocritical. Then you try to espouse the purpose of the forum, suggesting he goes somewhere else. Since when is the forum a place for newbies to complain about their inadequacies and blaming it on others. The attitudes of some of the more recent posts has been disturbing, especially by those who are inexperienced trainers.

Bigripfreaky, I hope you don;t think I was really trying to impress a girl who worked at the counter of a gym. #1 As far as counter girls go, she wasn;t very good looking
#2 As i said in my post the weight i used isn;t very much by T-mag standards, so I donlt think I am “the man” for lifting it. I don’t try to impress people in the gym because no matter where I train there will always be people who are way bigger and way stronger than me who could show me up in a minute.
#3 I don;t bug people when they are working out and both of the “trainers” were with clients so I decided this was the best course of action.
As for the people defending Say, My only point was that you should fully understand the topic and thread before posting.
Also, while I agree that negative posts are a part of the forum and do have a place, I think when people post something entirley negative for no reason other than to try to make the other person look stupid or to try to make it look like they are so much smarter than the other person, then the posts are better left untyped.
Anyways after all of this, I have no problem with Say or anyone else who has posted on this thread but lets drop this thing and if anyone has any funny gym stories lets hear em. If not then lets let the thread die.
:slight_smile: Groove

When I go heavy, I ALWAYS have a spotter. To not do so is STUPID. The human body is a funny thing, and you never know when your muscles (or your head) are going to crap out on you.

That sucks dude. To bad you can't train with us.

A few weeks ago I went to work out with my brother. As we were descending the stairs into the gym, an old guy (60?), tanned skin, bleached blonde hair, was making his way to the dumbell section. The thing is, he was wearing nothing but purple speedos! He was hastily escorted back to the hot tub, with everybody looking and laughing their asses off.

I find it helpful to do routines that don’t make me rely on other people.

Harkonnen… Ric Flair works out at your gym!!! lol that IS a funny storry. Thanks for supporting my original intent of this thread.
Ko, I wish I could train with you and Patricia. What you said is very true. I don;t understand why so many people are questioning my use of a spotter. Maybe they don;t know what training heavy really is.
Lumpy, it is all well and good to do routines where you don;t rely on other people, but dos this mean you never train heavy. If you are training heavy and not using a spotter you are setting yourself up for injury in the future. Like KO said you never know when your body or mind might give up spontaneously.
:slight_smile: Groove