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Worst Wedding DJ Ever

The best part is the Phill Collins improvised bongo solo at the end (0:25)


I got a boner watching that. WTF?

Haha. If only they played Phil Collins in clubs this could become a meme.

^^ Yeah i already told my girlfriend that if they play this song at the wedding we’re going to this weekend that this is gonna be my go to move


I think he was trying to do what Mike Tyson did in The Hangover.

I love how casual he is about it LOL!

LOL, she didn’t look amused


She should be happy someone actually wants to play with her tits. I fucking hate weddings, total waste of coin.

Right as the little girl walks up too, haha

I didn’t even know it was a woman till he started hitting her tits.

She just sits there, like she’s unaware he’s bongo-slappin her jugs