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Worst Super Hero


My vote goes to Swamp Thing. Seriously, does anyone doubt they could beat the crap out of this goober?


Blue Lightning, who crusades against second-hand smoke.


  1. The Wonder Twins
  2. Judge Dred




I have to say I am not a fan of The Wasp or Antman.

Seriously.... maybe as a spy, but as a Super Hero?


Whatthafuhk?! Swamp Thing kicks MAJOR ASS.

Worst Super Hero = Cyclopse from X-Men.

2nd Worst = Superman (total doucher.)

Oops, no he didn't.

Yes he did.


are we talking worst in abilities or in overall likability?


gets popcorn




Worst super hero? Pretty much any character inspired to fight crime by a hero that clearly doesn't need any help from them. There are plenty to choose from, but the worst offender has to be 'Bat-Mite'.

Now, pretty much everyone knows that Batman is a guy that relies on his appearance to strike terror into the hearts of villains.

Why then, does one of DC's most feared and capable heroes allow himself to be stalked by an interdimensional imp in some random kid's Halloween costume (then again, it is quite worrying that Batman likes to hang out with a half naked teenage boy, whose get-up is surely more appropriate for hitting the gay bars on the weekend than a spot of crime-fighting)?

If I was Batman, I would've given Bat-Mite a swift, brutal and bloody bat-asskicking straight back to his home dimension.

Don't get me started on Ace the Bat-hound and Krypto the super-dog....


Captain Linger. Lame, but funny!


Lol, I've never even heard of half of these superheroes. Maybe our resident nerds can chime in to put an end to the debate.

What say you, nerds?

Yeah, right. A big, slow, mossy creature made out of sea weed. Scary!


I don't know, both!

Good call.


No such thing as the worst superhero.

Even the best can be complete dicks when portrayed under the wrong light.


Ace the Bat-hound. Why the heck does a dog need a mask to protect his identity? Are they afraid that the villains will try to hurt him through his pups? In recent years, Ace's look has been upgraded by the addition of a rather fetching cape. All hope is lost.


I wouldn't call him a superhero, but I can't fucking stand Snarf from Thundercats. I wish Panthro would "accidentally" run him over.


lol. superfunny.


Captain planet? Power Rangers? Underdog?


Lol, a couple quality posts from you so far.

Who the hell is Ace the Bat-Hound?


Snarf is extremely killable. The worst part is that there is an entire planet full of 'em. Snarf is very similar to Bat-mite in the sense that they are meant to act as 'comic relief' but end up draining away any enjoyment you otherwise might have had. Another one is Jar-Jar Binks.