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Worst Spill Of A Shake


As I sit here cursing because I did not have the lid all the way on a shaker and it spilled all over. I thought I can't be the only jackass. What are some of the members worst spills from a shaker.


Protein powder mixed in milk. On the brand new keyboard and mouse. Surprisingly, they still work.


No spills, but I hate when the gasket leaks. I can't count how many counter tops and tables I've licked trying to recover precious Surge.


Mine are usually in a suit, at the office. It's hard to look cool with a brown stain on your pants.


Dumped a whole thing of Surge into my gym bag, filled with my clothes, workout journal, bands, straps, boards, jump rope, watch and shoes. I don't think I've ever been more mad before a workout.


I was trying to make a hot mocha shake and the pressure caused the lid to pop open while shaking it. Hot coffee/chocolate PP/milk all over me, the counter, my wife and the floor.



Spilled an entire strawberry protein shake all over my white polo shirt I had to wear for work, and all over the front seat of my car. It took a long, long time to clean that up.


Oh man...heh... I was alone in my workplace's tiny little break room, was shaking my shake and the lid flew off. Chocolate stains on me, the floor, the table, the wall...I was furious at the time but it seems pretty funny looking back on it.


Shaking a strawberry Myoplex back in the day, in the car.........all over the car.


That blew.


if you spill vanilla it looks like you were on the bad end of a bukakke film.


Put the lid of a screw-on shaker on wrong before shaking = big mess. Now it's snap top shakers all the way.


I was trying to give a girl a protein shake but I missed and got it all over her chin.


Milk + MuscleMilk + leaky container + left on the backseat all day = smelly car for a while


Same here. Talked on the phone and forgot that I had already shaken and loosened the lid. Sticky Surge everywhere. I had to replace the keyboard and phone.


This sounds like the begining of a porno I once saw! :slightly_smiling:


I dropped a spoon in the blender while mixing one, not exactly a spill but it shot protein shake all over the place. Even on the cieling!


Many years back, my parents just got brand new white carpeting put in their house, and my 2:00 a.m. pre-bed chocolate protein shake went flying out of my hand during some vigorous shaking, hit the floor, and exploded.

My mother was additionally thrilled that her ruined brand new carpet included me waking her up in the middle of the night to try to clean it because I didn't know how.


It took eight replys before the dirty came out!! LOL!! Spilling any protein (besides the kind men replenish)just sucks!! Especially, Surge or Metabolic Drive!!


How mad was your Mom? I yacked on the new carpet about 10 years ago and my Mom is still mad at me for that!!


She must be one of them as don't like using straws...