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Worst Site for an Intro to 'Toning'




It's even worse when you read the exercise descriptions and look at the muscle chart!
It seems to be aimed at women (or am I just assuming that because of its condescending tone & dumbing down?) it linked through from a nutrition site (how I found it).


On the plus side reading this made me feel really hardcore about my own workout program. :stuck_out_tongue:


There. Fixed. Enjoy.


It's a site from the UK; I feel so proud!

Just in case you Americans didn't know we are way behind you in battling this crap.



yes we are, sometimes i find it hard to belive we produced Reg motherfucin Park, iron maiden, motorhead, i could go on.


Don't forget Dorian Yates


I'm going to show this to my rugby coach maybe we can do it I'll also bring in soup cans or feathers because 0.5kg will be too heavy i think.


I really hope this doesn't offend anybody but these days, just hearing someone mention "toning" is like fingernails on a chalkboard, or biting tin foil with metal fillings.


Haha what's it to you? I'm making progress and that's all that counts.... right?




and Captain Hook


and mary poppins!


Damn right!


And Nelson, Churchill and Hary Potter (j/k)


I've yet to work or even be in a gym over here that didn't have 'Toning' classes on 5 or 6 times a day.

Dear Lord when will it end...?