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Worst S&C Coach Ever


Today I was at the gym doing my usual Waterbury Method type workout and the local Las Vegas Desert Pines High School football team comes in to train at the 24 Hour Fitness.

He starts them off doing 15 minutes of treadmill or stairclimber. Then they do 3 strip sets to failure on barbell curls then go to the hammer strength pulldown or row machine and sets to failure there as well. Then back again for more curls.

All the boys use the same weight no matter what their strength level. Then they move to squats and he has them doing 1/2 squats as he told one kid not to go to deep because it is bad for the knees. Again all the kids are told to use the same weight doing a 10,8,6,4 and progressing up with weight.

He shows one kid how to spot squats by standing at an angle to the squatter and putting one hand down low to push the hips forward and the other hand grabbing the chest and pulling back. Then tells one boy that the cable crossover is a great exercise.

Don't think I will be able to eat tonight from biting my tongue so many times. Wish I had a Star Trek transporter so I could have beamed in Dan John, CT, CW, John Davies or Poliquin to save these kids from their inept coach.


I have heard bad things about UGA's strength coach.
No Cleans for instance.
And that the Athletes complain that they are only getting stronger at the Bench Press.


If they come in again, tell him off in front of the kids and tell him where to get good information. That sort of crap is dangerous for the kids' health. But, like a cool tip mentioned a while ago, mention a remedy as well.

Hell, BFS works better if he can't put a reasonable program together himself.



My brother (a regular reader of the T-Nation) came home from HS wrestling practice yesturday and told me that he was doing OHSquats and dumbell snatches during practice and his coach told him to:

A: Don't squat past paralell
B: Wear a belt so he doesn't rupture a disk/have his intestines come out his ass (that was from one of the other kids)

He just said "umm...no" and continued on. He's got more balls than most kids his age.

Honestly, my brother, who is 16, trains better than most of the people I see at my YMCA, my old HS, and even in the Marine gym I used to go to. Thanks T-Nation!



Don't tell him off in front of the kids. If you think you want to fulfill a coaches role then you have to ACT like a coach, otherwise mind your business. If you are really that concerned then approach him off to the side AFTER their workout and diplomatically speak with him about training. Remember, "somebodies" don't take kindly to "nobodies" offering unsolicited advice. If you are a "nobody", be prepared for a rejection...

Men don't like to have their authority or their manhood questioned, so in order to create any change for the positive you are going to have to be a little suave about it. Unsolicited advice is just an opinion (good, bad or indifferent)...a quick "who the fuck are you" look immediately after your opinion is voiced will confirm this. Everybody has differing opinions on how to train people...lots of stellar athletes have made good progress on bad programs...if you want to affect change, you will have to do it from the inside. Talk to him and see if you can help out. GL


Kindly ask the "coach" why he has all of his "athletes" lift with the same weight. If you can give him a good opinion of why the lifters shouldn't all lift the same weight maybe he'll respect your knowledge and you'll earn his trust and you can brainwash him from there on and save those poor kids.



I couldn't agree more. I would never tell him off in front of the kids.

I am in no way qualified to coach the the kids or even to tell him what to do but I still know wrong when I see it. That is why I just watched in disbelief andbit my tongue a lot.


ask him why they're not doing everything on swiss balls.