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Worst Place in the World...


Utah. It sucks. Especially Bountiful, Lehi, Provo, and other Mormon infested places...


Guns dont kill people, Mormon's do.




You ever been to Taft, CA? The fucking asshole of the country.


i used to work with a guy drom bountiful, he got fired because he was touching everyone....seriously


And speaking of Mormons, this pic was taken at a Mormon-organized anti-gay rally. LOL


Flint...no All of Michigan


You guys haven't left the US, I take it?




I was born in Juarez, when you can beat human trafficcing, cartels and all the other GTA type shit let me know




I lol'd!


Some parts of Glasgow are absolutely crazy


I remember when the Gorbals was a rough place in the early seventies, my parents grew up there so we visited often. But despite what the video shows Glasgow has improved significantly (from a foreigner point of view). Plus they have square sausages and crusty rolls so that makes up for it.

It's kind of interesting though, with that kind of street violence and that is nothing new for parts of Glasgow, my granny, in her mid 80's and all her ancient sisters still have no concerns about walking home from the pubs half-cut and in the middle of the night. Their biggest hazard seems to be the shitty paths and holes in the walkway. This is in a neighbourhood that had my dad's primary school class with 4 convicted murderers.


I've been to a lot of places, but Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea was the absolute worst.


how was it?

I havent been to alot of place but the worst was St-Jerome, Qc.


You really need to get out more



/end thread


Port Alberni, BC
Smells like a pulp mill, full of drunks and a big reserve just down the road. Oh yeah, and tidal waves occasionally.


Pretty scary. There is a huge organized street gang called "The Rascals" which the police are too afraid to do anything about. Random beatings, rapes and murders are the order of the day. Oh, and they love arson too...molotov cocktails, etc.

My hotel actually locked me in on a Saturday night. I was unable to leave the grounds. I pleaded with the security guard to let me out and he basically said "Listen, I know you probably think you're tough, but if I let you out there is a good chance you'll be dead by tomorrow morning".