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Worst Pillow Talk Ever.....


ok so this morning i was in bed with my fiance, she is pretty hot already and has a nice flat stomach and the protruding hip bones thing goin on.

As a T-Nationer i kinda like girls with abs aswell.

here it come.... ''baby why don't you do some crunches, ya know to build up ur abs a lil bit. I like abs on a girl''


Here comes the rant.

'' Fuck you, if you don't like it go and find a girl who works out more than me, then you can both be big headed together, lock ur slef in separate rooms and fuck yourselves because you love ur sleves so much.....''

Damn i need to learn to keep my mouth shut.

Although i do believe i planted a seed in her subconscious.... ya know some form of Inception...


oh ye forgot to mention, im 25% bf punching way above my weight and the only 2pac i've ever seen is on nostalgic mtv shows....


= You.




Man, that IS pretty bad pillow-talk! That's right up there with "I'm excited! First consensual sex in months! With a human female, no less!".


Lol yeah i kinda suck haha! I need to learn some style.


Lol yeah i kinda suck haha! I need to learn some style.


Well she is observant. I mean you DO have a big head.



When you workout regularly and the people in your life know it, you gotta be really careful what you say. They feel like you are constantly judging them.


Yea, women take shit like that way too serious. I learned that a loooong time ago. Better to compliment her and get to have your way with her.


It's never gotten so bad that I complain about my girl's visible abs.


Just invite her to the gym with you. That way she might do something and might ask you "What should I do" and you can build her body how you like it whereas if you go down the judgement train and say this is what I like while in bed you're definitely screwed as you saw.


That's a decent idea. But be careful, you might create a monster. I was mostly a distance/trail runner who did bw stuff and owned 12 lb DB when I got together w/my man. Running injury led me to the gym, w/him, to rehab. Now I can match or nearly match him on some accessory work. (And he's no slouch, 2 time olympian and former world champ martial artist.) Luckily, his ego can handle it. He's happy when people comment that his woman is jacked. Just don't assume that you'll be able to build her the way you want her. She may take off and do her own thing if she gets bitten by the iron bug.


If you think this is a good thing, that's mistake #2


I had a boyfriend when I was about 20 that said something like that and I dumped his ass lol. I was fitter than he was, actually. The comment seriously pissed me off.


ah crap... i just keep my mouth shut in the future lol.

I did laugh after her little rant tho!

She has been naggin me get her a fitness dvd tho...


I told my girl that she needed to grow an Middle Eastern Poon once.


^^^ lol


This might help OP



Be very careful when critiquing a woman's body, or anything else for that matter. The delivery is also important too. Otherwise you will be banished into the netherworld known as the Phantom Zone.