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Worst Parenting... Ever



I don't have issues with spanking or most common forms of consequences for kids, but hot sauce and cold shower are over the top, especially used a standard punishment, its not even heat of the moment. What a bitch.


why did I watch this, this is not a good start to my day.


honestly, the hot sauce is a creative twist on soap.... which i washed my mouth with plenty growing up.... and I would gladly trade picking my own switch for a cold shower.....


The Youtube clip info states that the kid is her adopted son.


I'm not watching the clip.
I have a feeling that it will make me want to punch someone in the face.




If this is the case next time 'round I'm going to be much more deceptive with my thread titles.

If I were to rename this thread it would be called "alternative use for hot sauce"


First, I hope the authorities locate this cunt and that poor child, and remove that child from her horrendous "parenting".

Next, I hope a south african gang of rapists finds this cunt, and ass rapes her five ways to Sunday. When they are finished with this worthless sadistic cunt, I hope they poor hot sauce up her asshole and vagina in an effort to destroy the DNA and, then throw this dirty fucking cunt in a cold shower to remove other trace evidence.



You forgot the part about slitting her fucking throat.


It's fucked up, yes, but in the grand scheme of things kid are likely to over-react at any form of punishment.

A cold shower? Uncomfortable!!! (I take one every day.)

Hot sauce is probably not with the kid's palette, I'm sure, but come on. To be so angry at this is kind of judgemental. She didn't put a hand on him, she kept her composure, she's trying to learn a lesson. I did a little research on this and the family has had no other problems with their kids in school. Who knows how often this has happened?

Keep in mind the family also has a few other adopted children and their father is a sheriff.

And I know that people are going to pissed about this post. I'm NOT defending the woman, but this is all blown way out of proportion.


Dude, I got smacked by my parents when I fucked up. And I got my share of soap in the mouth when I mouthed off or some such.

I've taken several 'hot wing' and 'hot food' challenges as an adult. Self inflicted, of course. To do that to a child repeatedly??!! Torture. Hot sauce (repeatedly) in the mouth of an 8 year old (or whatever) ain't as benign as soap in the mouth (or even a smack).

I usually give parents a pretty wide berth as far as how they discipline their kids, but this woman, maybe not deserving of throat slitting and gang rape, is due for a punch in the face (IMO).


Hot sauce and a cold shower?? I'll take that any day over my 320lbs steel working fathers hand across my face or his belt across my ass. It's a punishment, and nothing more. There is no permanent damage, kids bite soap all the time and from what I know, nobody puts soap over there french fries.

And for the cold shower, I used to take em when the hot water ran out when my brother used all the hot water when I got back from wrestling practice. Or the free showers at the beach to wash the sand outa the crack of my ass. No damage done.

At least shes disciplining her kid, seems like that is done less these days. It would be bad if she didn't.

She doesnt mind the cold shower!


The thing for me is the kid looked severely distressed for a prolonged period - to the point of harm.

I'm not sure how people can equate forcing a 7 year old to take a cold shower and gargle hot sauce to an adult voluntarily taking a cold shower and having hot sauce on the food they eat.

That makes no sense to me.


The people feigning outrage over this obviously don't have kids, or were never disciplined themselves as a kid. Hot sauce and a cold shower are not "torture", even for a child that young. Give me a break.


I have 3.

LOL @ "My parents did worse to me so this is OK..."

Resident T-Nation "YouTube" generation future parents learning parenting skills from Dr.Phil clips: Priceless.


I think there's a big difference psychologically between something being done by will or by necessity vs being forced to as punishment

Getting fillings is uncomfortable, but its a necessity and it's not going to bother me mentally.

But if my parents forced me to get my teeth drilled because I did something wrong, that would probably fuck me up.

Likewise, taking a cold shower b/c there's no hot water vs. being forced to is a bit different. Maybe this isn't a huge deal. But I think there are certainly more appropriate ways to go about it


What I'm saying is, a slap in the face or belt to the ass is the same as hot sauce in the mouth. Its pain compliance. That's it. If it were the norm for people to "wash their mouth out with hot sauce" then we would frown on the first person to make their kid "wash their mouth out with soap".

Does it suck, I'm sure it does. Does it hurt, I'm sure it does. But pain is pain, it's not physically scaring or prolonged torture.

Call me a sadistic fcuk if you want, but I think pain compliance is ONE of the best ways to help kids learn right from wrong. Not the only, not the BEST, but one of the best. I'm sure we all know some parents who donâ??t believe in discipline and their kids are hellions, and I'm sure we all know parents who do discipline and they have somewhat better behaved kids.

But no, you're right...just take away his Thomas the Train toy and give him only half an ice cream sandwich for desert...That will show him!!!


I have 2...ages 8 and 9.

The behavior of children are a reflection of those responsible (parents, coaches, teachers). This woman, and her sherrif husband, need to look inward to find the answer to the child's behavior.

And since hot sauce in the mouth didn't work...maybe she should pour it in his eyes. Maybe the child isn't quite in enough discomfort. Maybe if she can just find the right level of pain then the boy will see the light. She is just not there yet...keep trying though.

Punch in the fucking face.


This shit 'really' messes with me! I've got two kids and I would NEVER EVER treat them like this!

It makes me sick to think that people do this to small defenseless children on a daily basis under the false impression that they are doing them good?

These people are feeding some sick need in them when they chastise kids like this. There are soo many different ways to deal with children that this treatment just emphasises their inability and lack of intelligence to use an alternative 'method' if you want to call it that.

Someone said that the little fella is adopted...did you hear that bitch say people don't lie in 'MY' house, it should have been 'OUR' house. What a way to mess with the little fellas head!

It makes you think about what other fucked up shit she might be saying to him to erode his sense of security/family/belonging?

This and the Albino hunters clip has been a major mind fuck for me over the past few days