Worst Movies You Ever Seen

“The heartbreaker kid”, most terrible Ben Stiller movie ever.
“Bablyon A.D.” the story made no sense and it was the worst movie Vin Diesel has been in even makes “The Pacifier” look like a good movie in comparison. I went to imdb and I see that these movies are rated in the 5-6 range when the first 2 mentioned deserve a rating of 1 star while the pacifier deserved the rating it has.

Battlefield Earth

It wasn’t the worst movie I’ve seen, but the biggest let down for me was “Pauly Shore is Dead”.

I got suckered into renting this one because the box made it sound pretty good with the tagline: “Hollywood will never be the same.” The plot is “Hollywood’s Pauly Shore loses everything, fakes his own death, and gets caught!” It wasn’t that bad compared to some real shit bomb movies but the box made it seem like celebrities were going to be interviewed about his death.

I was really hoping to hear those interviews and then have Pauly reveal that they got punked, which would then lead to them saying how Pauly is a POS and they didn’t care about him anyway, yada yada yada. That would be a pretty original movie. I don’t really know what I was hoping for, but I didn’t get whatever it was that I was looking for.

It was good for a laugh but I really hated “Mission to Mars”

This is the part where they meet the alien that looks lke David McCallum (from The Great Escape and The Man From U.N.C.L.E)
When the alien shed a tear so did I…as I laughed my ass off.

The Titanic
anything with Steven Seagal

Le Divorce.

I fucking hated this movie. I regret taking my girlfriend (at the time) to see this movie. It was a real wonder she became my wife after I subjected her to this fucking awful movie.

IMDb’s bottom 100 - IMDb Bottom 100 - IMDb

What, no, “Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li”?

Now I’m not exactly known for my strong opinions… but seriously. W. T. F.

Funny People
Smart People
Wicker Man (so bad it was funny so maybe not)

I sometimes draw a line bewtween obvious bad and stuff that’s released in the theater with the intent of being an honest effort at a good movie.

If you want really stupid direct to video then you need to see Andy Sedaris movies. They’re like a bunch of porno stars had to make a ‘real’ movie for tax reasons or something. Here’s a scene:

I also don’t know what a ‘hard ticket’ is

[quote]A Ninny Mouse wrote:
What, no, “Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li”?

Now I’m not exactly known for my strong opinions… but seriously. W. T. F. [/quote]

I have a thing first Kristin Kreuk. So, that movie was full of win. J/K it was pretty bad.

The Love Guru

Redneck Zombies…By far the worst I have seen…

The Godfather…b o r i n g

“The Straight Story”

It’s about an old guy who’s brother gets hurt like 10 states away so he rides his lawn mower to go see him because he doesn’t have a car and apparently doesn’t believe in buses or know anyone with a car. The highlight of the movie is when he goes down a “hill” (if you can call it that) and he slightly loses control of his lawn mower and has to swerve.


“Cobra VS Komodo”

This was originally part 3 of a porn. Then they took the nudity and porn out and just left the shitty acting/story line. A giant 50 foot cobra gets in a fight with a giant komodo and this group of people are lost on an island.

One night in Paris. Horrible plot, terrible acting and a retched, poorly shot sex scene. The chick in the scene seemed distracted and distant.

For serious movies that suck, Battlefield Earth.

For movies with a 250K budget which aren’t supposed to be good, you cannot get any worse thatn the movies that come out of the Asylum. I watched transmorphers free on netflix one night. A team of HS students with a cell phone could probably do better. 20 minutes of the move were these “space marines” saying “Copy, Over” “Roger that” “copy” “roger, over” “copy that” over and over and over into thier walky talkies.

If someone hit the walkie with like a “Lt Johnson” and then Lt johnson would say “copy” then the other person would say “roger” and then say whats your position, Over" then Lt johnson would say “Copy, near the reactor, Over.” Over and over and over it was painful to watch.


[quote]MattyXL wrote:
The Godfather…b o r i n g[/quote]


[quote]DBCooper wrote:
anything with Steven Seagal[/quote]

Under Seige rules.

[quote]WestCoast7 wrote:
Battlefield Earth[/quote]

haha, thats the first movie that popped into my head too!

Matty XL, how could you, The Godfather 3 was bad but the other two? The directors cut versions were filled with so much…well, filler that it made it difficult to watch I will admit.

Slasher movies period. I just can’t stomach halloween, friday the 13th etc movies, younger days yes, now no.