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Worst/least favorite exercises

What is the worst exercise out there? Or what is everybody’s least favorite? My least favorite is probably the bench press, just because I suck at it. Sometimes I hate squatting too, just because it’s so much work. Just becuase I do them doesn’t mean I like it!

I’d have to say my least favorite is one-arm dumbell rows. I really prefer seated cable rows, but I don’t have a low pulley.


My least favorite?? the exercises done by the social set in my gym in clusters of three or more in the squat rack OTHER THAN SQUATS OR DEADS. Curls, etc.

Favorite, basic coumpunds because I can’t get too cranked about doing anything with light weights

favorite is any type of deads and least favorite is any type of olympic lifts. peace

Squats, deadlifts and static lunges. Obviously my legs are my worst bodypart also.

The Olympic lifts are my favorites, especially the snatch (even though I snatch way less than I C&J). I also love squats. My least favorite exercise is probably the bench press.

Favorite: Cable Curls, Cable Crossover (Love them cables)

Least Favorite: Dumbell flys, decline bench

Yea I deffinantly now what you mean about the bench, I can only max out at around 205, when I do isolate curls I do sets of using 45lbs. Don’t ask me why I’m lopsided liek thta, I work each with the smae itnensity.

I’m tall with long legs, so it would definitely have to be squats.

Dozers favorite movement would definetly be deadlifts…then benchpress

least favorite…military press…behind the neck press…overhead dumbell press…why…cause I have shoulder problems and these movments give me extreme pain…I’d like to do them, but you learn to work around these things.


any type of calves work

Anything that makes me all sweaty.

Least favorite (and IMO the most overused) exercise: Lat pulldowns. Sorry for those of you that do them, but the benefits of doing pull ups make me wonder why anyone does these anymore.

Any of the stoopid machine crap that I used to use and wondered why I didn’t grow.

I am with NJRick on this one, b/c i am also tall with long legs, so my least fav. is def. squats (or any legs). Nothing worse than your ass and hams being sore when you are sittin’ on the bowl!!

my favs are olympic lifts, towel chins, and dips. least favorite are nautilus machines…

Your max bench is only 205 and your favorite exercise is cable crossovers - anybody else see a relationship here?

Most Favorite: Bench, Squat, Deads.
Least Favorite: Cable Crossover and Tricep Kickbacks, what the hell do those do for you?!

Least favorite:Ab exercises! And maybe squats.
Favs:Pulls ups(althought I can’t do many),DB presses.

I don’t care how hard I try…I simply can’t “feel” One Arm, Bent Over Dumbbell Rows in my back…so I’ve stopped doing them. Favorite? Deadlifts and Squats…how to explain that almost Masochistic feeling of destroying most of the muscles in your body, knowing that you’ve pushed them (eventually) to a new level of growth? HardCore, baby…!!!