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Worst hair day ever

I lost a bet and I figured that everybody out there in T-Land deserves a laugh at my expense today. I am the guy.

Aw c’mon Short,
It’s not that bad…(snicker)
Honest… That “look” is all the rage right now.

What would have happened if you had won the bet?

See that’s the thing. I make some pretty stupid bets, I would have gotten to leave my hair long. So really I gain nothing by winning, I guess I just wanted a change so the bet was the easiest thing to do.

The sad thing is, this isn’t the first time this has happened to me.

I will pretty much end up doing anything, if the price is right, problem is that the price usually ends up being free.

Hey, don’t make fun of this guy. EVERYONE in Saskatchewan has that haircut…


Short, you crack me up!

business on top, party in the back

Hey, don’t make fun of this guy. EVERYONE in Saskatchewan has that haircut…


Mullet Land…?

Rocking the mullet, hell yeah.

It’s often quoted that the mullet began in Canada when hockey aprroved the helmets…

Guys still wanted the flowing locks but didn’t want to deal with their hair being fouled up or the helmet not fitting comfortably…

Thats a great look, short!


Mullet = hockey hair… it was “hockey hair” waaaaayyyyy back before it was ever mulletized.

Dave, you might have to move outta the “big city” and into Moose Jaw so you fit in better now.

I believe the mullet to be a canadian invention and the history behind it as Brad mentioned. In fact we often still refer to it as the “hockey cut”.

“Kentucky Waterfall”

Hell, people in Barrie Ontario still think it’s cool…

Nobody has a mullet on “Trailor Park Boys” do they??

The Mullet was around for hundreds of years – look at “The Blue Boy”.

ya know, if robert dinero had a bullet in taxi driver…

I hope this is a valuable contribution to the historical background of the mullet, as I think it brings mullet origins back some time. Attached is a photo of the Sarcophagus of a Married Couple, ca. 510 BC.

Although Magnus, you are close in your thought of Canada being part of history in the Mullet. As it was the French decent of history bringing the ol’ Mullet to Canada for all to enjoy.

Oh ya Dave, sweeeeet hair brother and you are keeping it real.

Man, glad I could make you guys laugh, And I think you guys are right, this IS the official Saskatchewan haircut, I went to work… no comments, I went to the gym… no comments. I lost a bet and nobody is making fun of me.

What’s the point???

And then you guys come in and make it all worth while… there is nothing better than abject humiliation because of a mullet.

For a good laugh…