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Worst Genetics Ever for Muscle Growth

Hi, i here because i need your advices. Im 23 years old man, 5.68 ft, 136 lbs and 7 years of training. I’ve started with 116 lbs. Yes 7 years of gym training and just 16 lbs gained. I think i have the worst genetic ever for muscle grow.

I’ve asked for help a lot of bodybuilders, trainers, nutritionists,endocrinologists, but no one could helped me. Finaly they told me that problem is genetic. I’ve tried all types of training, nutrition and supplements that exists on this planet. My blood test results are perfect every time, inclusive hormonal levels.

The only thing that i gained in this period of time is knowlege. I have a degree in sport and nutrition. I’ve helped many close people to reach their goals with success, but with my own body i can’t do anything. I don’t want to use steroids, i know all about any substance. I lost my teenage because i was too dedicated and motivated for my objectives in this sport. My question is: should i quit permanently?

Please don’t ask me classic questions like : my nutrition plan / calories, training routine…

Well what the fuck else could anybody ask you?

Your star sign?

Favourite colour?

Where you were on 9/11?

The questions you’ve asked not to be asked are literally the only relevant questions to your post…


If it’s really genetics, then you probably should. There’s no point continuing.

How hot is Anna Kendrick?

Is Spiderman really dead?

Did the top wobble at the end of Inception?

Why the fuck do they need The Flash in The Justice League if Superman can run faster than him?


I’ll tell you the thing that always bothered me about The Flash - so he’s super fucking fast, ok, but he’s not like totally immune to punishment like Superman or whoever else, so if he’s running super fast somewhere and stubs his toe or something, surely his whole leg is going to explode?


I don’t know man. This is why I never read any comic books. At least it’s entertaining when this stuff is depicted in movies.

Have you considered a Rib Cage Expansion routine for awhile?

With breathing squats and pullovers you could build a bigger frame. Then you’d have more room to pack on more muscle. If you’re 23, your sternum cartilage is still malleable. If you quit now, but come back in a few years, it will be too late.

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My problem is not training or nutrition… this is what i mean…

have you done any routines off this site?

what do you bench and deadlift?

I feel your pain, one’s teenage is a precious thing

If you would rather spend your time doing something else then you should do something else.

Unless your favourite element is Helium, then you should keep grinding away.

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Understood. Here are the secret scrolls. Good luck.



Don’t make me regret approving this thread.

You’re going to have to discuss training and nutrition if you want help.


I think this requires some tough love


I was 132 when I was 23. Now I’m 190, so not sure what you’re going on about. Shit I ranged 135-155 from 14-28 years old because I didn’t eat enough. But I was “lifting” the whole time.

You probably don’t want to discuss your training because it’s shit, or your diet because you’re not eating enough.

You’ll get the answer you want to hear on an incel forum

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Or not putting in the the effort as much as he thinks

If you quitting means we never have to hear your whinging again, yes, by all means.

If you’re not prepared to answer questions that would let us help you, what do you think we’re going to do?

soo you go on a lifting - training and nutrition - forum to ask about not training or nutrition?. . .

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Nice one

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Ok guys, i apreciate that you make time to answer me. But the topic is about GENETICS . I’m not asked about diet or training . Maybe the better question could be: Is possible to not grow in muscles due to genetics, although nutrition and training are good?


-end thread