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Worst First Pitch Ever?


This was the main topic of the Stern Show this morning after Bababoey threw out the opening pitch on Saturday at Citi Field. MLB has already had all videos removed from Youtube and other links when you googl the subject. I wonder who's trying to bury this...


Poor Bababoey. That was awful.


Was it so bad that it was worth making a thread about?


The last time I listened to Stern was on 9/11 (good coverage).

I'm actually surprised they still call Gary ""Bababooey"!
What's funnier is, I used to think his looks would improve as he aged, but I was wrong. He looks more like a monkey than he did in his youth. LOL

Sorry the hijack.
Resume topic.


That's not the worst pitch ever. Cincinnati's Mayor throwing out the first pitch at a Reds game a couple of years ago is the worst ever.


If the other pitch was anywhere as bad as that I retract my statement! It was hard to tell from the angle I saw it at in my video.


The link that animalmj posted shows the angle from behind the mound (0.57 seconds in). Much better view.


The Carl Lewis pitch was as bad as his anthem singing.


Ugh, I hate mlb.com. Why would I want to wait through a 30 second commercial just to watch a 10 second clip? I'd much rather waste that 30 seconds typing out a reply here than waiting for the video to load.

Thank you YouTube.