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Worst Day Possible?


I'm on a full scholarship, but turns out none of my scholarship money's on my account here at school yet, so all my transcripts and the like are on hold, and lord knows when I'll get my money. Coach was supposed to have done it a long time ago but when I talked to him about it he gave the fakest "I'll get on it ASAP" response ever. Great news for a guy working over 40 hours a week for 6 months for a fucking <$4k scholarship, babysitting 70 idiot players and working alongside 3 of the most incompetent people imaginable.

Just found out I got a D in fucking Online Spanish 3 over the summer (don't take foreign language online... not easy). This brought my GPA over the summer down to 2.5, and now a 3.45 overall (3.8 before).

My good buddy and roommate from the summer just got found dead in Jackson. Had been missing for 4 days and they found his body burned alive in a car. They've already concluded it was murder. Guy didn't even have any enemies, I guess until now. Miss him a lot.

May not graduate because of my business office issues, along with this schools incredible ability to fuck things up and skew information, and getting into a University for the spring is probably shit out the window because I won't get things in on time. All for fucking $3,600. I don't want to have to take out another loan.

Lord knows how my grades are now. I'm very comfortable with my real classes, but online may be lacking. When you spend ALL your free time at work (which I haven't been payed for yet...), online work gets put on the back burner.
Almost dislocated my shoulder during an awesome set of snatches. Bar drifted just a little too far back at the top. Didn't hurt but I had a horrible workout after that rep (that first set was AWESOME until then though). Shoulder is sore now but not too bad.

In high school-like news, two people on facebook started jumping on me because I commented on a friend's status (about how some black dude said out of nowhere, for no reason that she was an "angry white girl" because "her white boy didn't win") and it's irony in that she's not even white (Japanese and white but looks clearly much more Asian). I commented "HAHA, you're not even white." Some friend of hers thought I was talking about her, as she posted a comment right before me, and proceeded to call me ignorant and the like, then some dude went on to tell me that Erin's a girl's name (I'm Aaron) and if I was good for anything other than sucking cock.

I explained what I meant, questioning myself as to whether it was really worth it, and haven't heard anything back from either. Probably the most immature and trivial situation I've been in in a long time, but on top of the rest of my day it hit pretty hard, especially with how personal I take nearly everything.

This same cheerleader chick here keeps playin' with me. She obviously, very clearly likes me, and keeps leadin' me on, but she has a boyfriend, so I don't go after her... until it gets so plain obvious that she wants my man lovin' that I start talkin' to her, then she's right back on ol' boy's jock. Doesn't help when he is a TOTAL uber douche. Once again, immature situation, and maybe I am too for stressing ever so slightly on it, but it's not helping right now.

But in recent news I just had two scoops of Grow! Whey and I'll have my Metabolic Drive (Orange Cream!) in a matter of only a couple hours, so things are looking up :slight_smile:


Dude, that sounds the bummer. Like--Wow. Any one of those things can make for a bad day. Stick all in one like that must really suck. When you got that much shit, the little things seem worse. Don't feel bad about getting worked up over it. Btw I hate when women play with dudes like that- I've been in similar situations before. Not to say guys don't act similarly sometimes, but when you have a shitty day already you just want rip someones head off.

If they have a heavy bag where your at, spend like half an hour on it, does wonders. I don't know if I would have made it through some of my high school years without it. Its even better when you get to take it out on another person.
<------------------All other stress dissapears


Haha real talk. But no, no punching bag, but I've knocked out a couple harsh sets of pushups so it's workin' out a little better :slight_smile:


I hope this makes your day a little better


Bigger. I demand bigger. So.. uh.... I can forget.... :slight_smile:


holy hell man!

hope today is better!


Met drive Orange cream tastes weird...


Don't try to kill my joy in this trying time....


lol...I'm not saying its bad, just weird. I use it as a flavourer. I put like 1/5th of a scoop in with my normal shake and it gives it a good taste.


Blasphemy, it's all in or nothing.


You'll feel better.


That's why I like football. I get to take my anger out on people, and the coaches like it.


could be worse , you could be in prison


Cough epic pic thread cough =D


True, my mouth's way too pretty for me to make it out of there with any form of dignity.


Serenity now. Insanity later.