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Worst College Job

I was recently reminded of the worst job I ever had.

The worst job I ever had, to work my way through college was…

I had the glorious job of manufacturing synthetic cow manure.

It is a real glamour detail.

I never understood why. There were plenty of cattle at the college they could simply take samples from, but Nooooooo, they had to do it in the lab. That is, I had to do it in the lab.

Even the professors would not enter the large lab I worked in while I was doing this for their precious food science research.

Oh, but that’s not all. Then I had to dry it, weigh it, compare it to previous samples, and repeat the whole procedure. Hey it was only 16 hours a week.

Suffice it to say that I did not go into Food Science.

I had to wear 2 sets of rubber gloves, 2 masks, full lab gear, and several layers, in the summer too, just to keep the stench off. Of course, I showered immediately after, or my girl, now my wife, wouldn’t even talk to me. haha, no one would.

THAT was the worst job I ever had in college.

How about you?

Dan, that is a shitty job!

One summer I had to sellotape plastic bags to pieces of cardboard. It was the most boring experience of my life.

A buddy of mine collected for a rendering plant. Basically, when a cow or horse died, he’d go out with a small crane truck & collect the carcass. Because the farmer would often wait a few days to call up, the carcass would be sitting in the sun for 2-4 days. Often, when he’d pick it up, it wouldn’t make it onto the truck in one peice, so… well, you get the picture.


I don’t think that one counts…it was your buddy, not yours.

Not that I’m not sympathetic, though.

Olive Garden.

'nuff said.