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Worst. Christmas. Ever.


So me and my Girlfriend of 3 years are on our way to her parent's house for Christmas Eve. On the trip there, we had a pretty severe car accident. I was passing a vehicle in an 80 zone when someone pulled out of their driveway in the left lane not looking our way. We hit the car on the passenger's side B post and got redirected straight into a steep ditch. A pretty fucking solid one might I add. I have a pretty bad bruise from the seat belt (an older car with no air bags); Luckily though, nobody was injured. However, my car is wrote off in a bad way, it twisted so much it broke the center console. It's amazing we were not hurt. (can post picures tomorrow of anyone wants to see).

SO now I'm stuck without a car and as a student, absolutely no way to get another one right now. However luck struck, and since my landlord is a car dealer he said he would have no problem helping us out and said he would lend us a car for the time being. Great! So, I'm driving home from work tonight at 3am on Christmas Day, and lo and behold the temperature hand skyrockets on me. (In all fairness, there is no way he could have known this would happen it was an auction car). Now here I am stranded at 3 am with a broken Subaru Outback with coolant pissing out of the left side cylinder head. Yes, the fucking head gasket is gone.

I managed to make it home wih it (after many cool down cycles) and now I'm well... in awe at my bad luck. Now in all fairness I'm still here and in good health and in the grand scheme of things this is all realatively minor, however, I officially hate Christmas time.

That is all.


What is Cheistmas? Is that like a siesta?


Fixed you ignorant bastard


So you hate Christmas because you're a bad driver and then you got a loaner car for free that broke down?


umad bro?

P.S You'll be fine


It's good you're both OK.


I am disappointed in this thread, I was expecting something that was a big deal.

You got in an accident, you have no car and a bruise. Better than watching your girlfriend die and being bound to a wheelchair for the rest of your life, barely being able to speak right (happened to my friends uncle in a motorcycle accident).

Shit happens, you're fine, be happy.


Vikings, I wholeheartedly agree. I'm more dissapointed than anything, it's just not something I wanted to deal with right now. It took me an hour to get home and I was cranky and I'm sure it will work itself out. I do find it funny though how quick some people are to judge as if they would be perfectly ok with the recent events (not aimed at you).


Dude, at least you didn't get hurt. My leg still aches so bad from the car wreck I haven't been able to train legs in about 2 months aside from very minor light weight stuff. I still can't do incline presses and haven't been able to ride my motorcycle because of the pain in those areas.


It seems like we can all agree that christmas sucks.

I blew out my back again after nine months and have mostly laid prone for nearly five days. Progress is slow.


Well, when PX makes a thread about how his car died in an accident, everyone starts sucking his e-cock. Then again, that happens in every thread he starts.

To the OP: Be glad that you're fine! I'm not a huge fan of Christmas either; these days I'm just waiting eagerly for New Year's eve and the obligatory drunken fireworks rampage.


I didn't realize that you injured your leg as well. Aside from the inclines, have you been able to train heavy with other chest/arm/back stuff? Do you think this has helped or hindered your leaning up (or precipitated it)?


You guys seem depressed, so I decided to get you guys something.


Just be happy that your girlfriend is ok.
Now, put it in her pooper.

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Not exactly an ideal Christmas but you sure as shit got away lucky, thank your stars.

We are in the middle of a 'big freeze' over here. Ice and snow everywhere and minus 5 degree celsius being the warmest. This is normal for most countries, but not here. The country honestly came to a standstill. Insurance companies are being driven insane with the amounts of claims and accidents they are dealing with. 10 min car journeys now take the better part of an hour etc. Not having a great time over here.

Now I've been working many long shifts at work over the last week 'cos it was the build up to christmas and all. I finished after a particularly brutal day on wednesday and immediately got a call as I was preparing for the journey home(which, because of the weather would take me fucking ages) telling me not to go home that some water pipes in the attic had burst and that our living room was flooded. I went home anyway to collect things I needed and the living room is indeed, fucked. There's a nice hole in the ceiling where the water came down, wall destroyed, furniture destroyed, wooden floor in hall and living room destroyed, TV, DVD player, digital box all fucked. And because it's christmas we can't get an assessor from the house insurance company to come down until wednesday at the earliest.

So I've been living on my buddy's couch since then. Unfortunately he lives pretty close to a club and some friends were banging on the door looking for an after party on wednesday and thursday night so that eliminated any chance of sleep I had. Back into work thursday and friday(the busiest days of the year) and I end up getting a pretty serious case of the flu on friday. I managed to ride out the 12 hour shift and got back to my buddies and went to bed early to try and recover. Woke up yesterday morning seriously unable to move. (Feeling way better now though, food and good nights of sleep sorted me out).

So yeah, not exactly a great christmas and I'm now homeless for about a month but could be way worse.


I had no idea you were even in one. Was it your Mustang? Or maybe just the link to a thread would be fine


Shit dude, I feel for you. We had a massive rain storm here last week and alot of people ended up with their homes flooded too, it is not a pretty sight. You're gonna have to try to find somewhere better to stay for now man and just fight it out. Hopefully the damage to your home is repairable.


I kind of hate/love how you conclude every topic you post on.


You have your health, you should be more than thankful.


This pic reminds me of that. A lot to be thankful for...